Ritual Wines Chardonnay is a Beautiful Expressive Wine

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Ritual Wines Chardonnay is a Beautiful Expressive Wine

Ritual Wines Chardonnay is Born of Cool Climate Varietals in the Casablanca Valley in Chile

Ritual wines from the Veramonte winery in Casablanca Valley in Chile are what I would consider a true labor of love.

Rituals themselves can help us become more aware. Rituals done mindfully help us to stay in the present. They help us do something good in our life. They are a way to help us remember what’s important.

The Ritual Wine team apparently follows daily rituals mindfully in their production of artisanal winemaking thereby helping them produce the best wines to come out of Chile. The winery follows organic practices by:

  • Using compost to feed the soils to promote a balanced and self-regulated ecosystem
  • Cover cropping and seeding for revitalizing the soils
  • Using sheep to help mow the grass and act as a natural fertilizer
  • Location: The estate is situated in the extreme eastern end of Chile’s Casablanca Valley, set against the dramatic sweeping beauty of the coastal range and heavily influenced by the cooling effects of the Pacific Ocean and Humboldt Current making it an ideal growing condition for cool climate wines like this Veramonte, Ritual Chardonnay.

They aren’t just making something to drink, they are creating an elegant wine to be fully savored!

Mindfulness Rituals for Enjoying Wine

Here are some rituals to maximize your enjoyment of Veramonte, Ritual Chardonnay 2018:

First make sure the wine is chilled to 50 degrees F.

Next, remove all the clutter from distractions so you can just be with the wine. Do all these steps mindfully: just taste, smell and observe the wine. Pay attention to each stage. It is the only way to fully appreciate it.

After pouring the wine:

Ritual wines

Stage 1: Sit with it. Observe the color. See its reflection in the glass. What color do you see?

I saw a brilliant light, greenish yellow color. A beautiful light sparkling yellow in the glass.

Stage 2: Swirl the wine and then put your nose into the glass and smell it. What flavors do you recognize?

The first smell I got was fruity, tart apple and then citrus.

Stage 3: Swirl the wine again and smell the wine by opening and breathing it in through your mouth. Now what flavors do you smell? Are they different than the nose smell?

Ritual wines

Here I got more lemon, slight hazelnut and a bit of citrus rind.

Stage 4: Swirl once again and this time close your eyes and take a small sip of the wine. Allow the wine to roll around in your mouth. Now what textures and flavors do you get on your palate?

This wine had a smooth, delicate feel with a bit of crisp freshness with it. It was sweet in the mouth, but not overly so. There was also a bit of vanilla and oak on the finish.

Can you feel the cool ocean breeze? Can you taste the soil? Does the wine taste dry, sweet or tarte? Is it smooth, buttery, creamy? Do you taste fruitiness? If so which fruits. How about other flavors like oak, nuts, grass?

I could imagine the cooler breezes blowing through the vines, and the warmth of the sun later in the day heating up the grapes to bring them to a full flavor of the fruit and the freshness of the wine from harvesting after the sun went down. The oak from the barrels brought in complexity.

Ritual wines

This s a great wine that can be paired with seafood, meat, salads or a charcuterie board.

Priced at around $20 makes it a great deal.

Don’t simply drink the wine, try sipping it slowly and with gratefulness for all the things that have gone into this bottle of Chardonnay. This is how to be mindful of the wine, where it comes from, the soil the vines lived in, the coolness from the ocean breeze, the warm sunny days which matured the grapes and all the people who worked so hard to make this wine special just for you.

What will your rituals be for 2021?

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

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