Peeler Farms Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Best Beef Ever

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Peeler Farms Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Best Beef Ever

Peeler Farms Wagyu is the Best Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Local San Antonio Restaurants

This Valentine’s Day Peeler Farms knows celebrating loved ones is more important than ever before, so why not treat yourself and yours to the finest Wagyu beef San Antonio has to offer? Indulge in Wagyu steaks by Peeler Farms at local restaurants like Cured at Pearl, Clementine, and Sushishima. Celebrated for their local, ethical and delectable Wagyu beef products, Peeler Farms’ products are incomparable, making these dishes a “can’t miss” this Valentine’s Day.

Peeler Farms

See below for Peeler Farms Wagyu products to enjoy this Valentine’s Day at some of San Antonio’s local hot spots, and please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Cured at Pearl Enjoy Peeler Farms Wagyu Filet Mignon with Cauliflower Puree & Broccoli; $50
Peeler Farms
  • Clementine Enjoy Peeler Farms Wagyu New York Strip, seared and sliced, with a red wine Bordelaise sauce; Market Price
Peeler Farms
  • Sushishima Wagyu Beef Hot Stone Delight in six slices of Peeler Farms raw Wagyu beef seasoned with matcha root and sea salt, self-prepared over a tableside hot stone covered in butter; $38
Peeler Farms
  • Wagyu-Uni Enjoy 1 nigiri-style Peeler Farms Wagyu beef torched and topped with sea urchin, and finished with black truffle pate; $15
  • Wagyu Nigiri Experience torched Peeler Farms Wagyu beef nigiri topped with black truffle pate; $20

About Peeler Farms

Peeler Farms has ethically raised beef cattle for more than 100 years and believes the quality of their beef is unmatched in Texas. The Peeler’s Certified Raised Wagyu cattle are raised on grass and finished with grain on South Texas pastures. There are absolutely no antibiotics and no hormones in their beef. Their cattle is raised right, on green grass and good grain.

Peeler Farms is a family owned ranch in South Texas. You can purchase Peeler Farms beef on their website here.

Like them on Facebook @peelerfarms and on Instagram @peelerfarms.

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