San Antonio Popular Brands Make You MVP of Game Day Recipes & TakeOut

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San Antonio Popular Brands Make You MVP of Game Day Recipes & TakeOut

San Antonio Brands Want You to be the real MVP of Super Bowl LV with These Recipes and Take-Out Options

In San Antonio, though the Super Bowl parties may be smaller, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate accordingly, at least when it comes to food, which some would argue is the best part of the game.

See below for some ideas on where to grab some grub worthy of the big game or DIY snacks courtesy of Twang that would make you the MVP of any Super Bowl watch party. 

San Antonio Snacks worthy of a touchdown courtesy of Twang

ZAS! Chili Lime Spicy Street Corn Dip – Mexican street corn is a must try appetizer. Twang’s recipe transforms Mexico’s classic spin on corn on a cob into this creamy dip; guests will be filling up on it during every commercial break.

San Antonio

ZAS! Tamarind Coconut Chicken Wings – What’s a Super Bowl watch party without wings? Caribbean flavors from ZAS! come together in this extra flavorful recipe  – football fans will go coco’nuts’ for.

San Antonio

ZAS! Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese – Don’t be the fan who shows up with bland, unseasoned mac n’ cheese. This recipe spices up the Southern comfort classic mac with hints of New Mexican peppers… an automatic winner.

San Antonio

ZAS! Tamarind Spicy Meatballs – Let the players catch the footballs, and the viewers eat the meatballs. 

San Antonio
San Antonio Game-winning meals to go

The Jerk Shack

The Jerk Shack’s family packs are designed to feed groups of six, making them the perfect option for a small Super Bowl gathering, which is an all too real situation in the midst of a pandemic. Guests can order Jerk Ribs, Jerk Tacos and Jerk Chicken with shareable sides to feed the group. 


San Antonio

Price: Jerk Ribs with four sharable sides ($55), Jerk Tacos with two sharable sides ($45), Jerk Chicken with three sharable sides ($45)

Taco Cabana
In conjunction with the Big Game, Taco Cabana is offering customers a variety of options to celebrate the weekend. Available February 5-7, 2021, offers include:

San Antonio
San Antonio
Photo Credit: Taco Cabana

For Big Game Weekend, Taco Cabana will also offer the new TC Big Game Box for $19.99, the perfect addition to any Big Game watch party. The TC Big Game Box includes:

  • 2 large cheese quesadillas 
  • 12 chicken flautas 
  • (3) 3.5 oz. containers of queso (no substitutions) 


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