Cascade Hollow Offers Incredible New Cascade Moon Whisky

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Cascade Hollow Offers Incredible New Cascade Moon Whisky

Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. Announces Latest Release in Cascade Moon Whisky Series

Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. is excited to announce the latest release of their Cascade Moon Whisky series, Cascade Moon Edition No. 2. Following the release of Cascade Moon Edition No. 1 last fall, this second release from Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. honors the heritage of the George A. Dickel & Co. brand

For more than a century, the team at George A. Dickel & Co. has brought incredible whiskies to consumers in Tennessee and beyond. Now,150 years since its founding, the company is looking ahead to its next chapter with the launch of the Cascade Moon Whisky series – a brand new line of highly limited whiskies that are sure to be sought after by whisky fans.

Cascade Hollow Cascade Moon Edition No. 1
Cascade Hollow

The first release from the lineup – Cascade Moon Edition No. 1 – brings the best of Cascade Hollow to market, with Cascade Hollow Distilling Co’s General Manager & Distiller Nicole Austin blending a specialized whisky that is inspired by the tasting notes found in a gose-style beer. Specifically, this 11-year-old whisky offers savory pretzel-like notes, along with bright and fruity notes of raspberry, pineapple and coconut. At 84 proof (42% ABV), Cascade Moon Edition No. 1 is surprising and unexpected, encouraging you to sip again and again to taste its unique flavors.

Cascade Hollow

The initial launch of Cascade Moon includes two variants that will be released over the next year. Beginning fall of 2020, Cascade Moon Edition No. 1 will be regionally available in Tennessee, California and Texas for a limited time at a suggested retail price of $89.99. Consumers can also expect a second release from the series coming later in 2020.

Cascade Hollow Cascade Moon Edition No. 2

Celebrating 150 years of passion for making quality whisky and further tying back to George Dickel’s history, the liquid for this second release was taken from a small batch blend curated around the first barrel of TN Whisky filled after the distillery returned from shutdown in 2003. Even the release’s packaging pays homage to whisky making over the last 150 years. This unique sandblasted ceramic bottle is sourced from one of limited producers in the world. The labels are hand printed using a 130 year-old press, to create a stunning look and feel.

Cascade Hollow

Cascade Moon Edition No. 2 is a bold, mature liquid befitting a celebration of a 150 year heritage. When tasting this liquid, whisky fans can expect to come across notes of vanilla, oak, leather and oil.  

Starting in December 2020, Cascade Moon Edition No. 2 will be regionally available in Tennessee, California and Texas for a limited time at a suggested retail price of $249.99. 

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