The CO-OP SA Launches a New Locally-Sourced Charcuterie Box

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The CO-OP SA Launches a New Locally-Sourced Charcuterie Box

The CO-OP SA is Excited to Announce Their Newest Offering – a Charcuterie and Cheese Box Called “Meat & Cheese Nosh Box”

San Antonio’s newest powerhouse, The CO-OP SA, a collective of top local artisan food manufacturers, chefs and savvy entrepreneurs, is excited to announce their new offering – a locally-sourced artisanal charcuterie and cheese box called Meat & Cheese Nosh Box, which launches on February 5, 2021. 

“With COVID continuing to spike, so many people are still staying in or are wary of venturing out to local farmers markets, but simultaneously tired of cooking or eating the same old to-go food,” said Evan Michels, Executive Chef and Partner spearheading the project. “We wanted to offer people a taste of the best of what San Antonio has to offer – fresh, delicious house-made cheese and meat from our own hometown award-winning food companies that make the best specialty foods, hands down!” 

Photo Credit: Fernando Ortega

Stephen Paprocki, along with Iverson Brownell (both of The CO-OP SA) are also partners on the project but will be sourcing from a revolving group of local food companies, such as River Whey Creamery and Aurelia’s. 

“Our nosh boxes are a perfect Valentine’s Day option for a date in the park or just any socially-distanced date nights, a thank you for folks in your office or our fellow front-line workers or any number of occasions,” said Iverson Brownell. “I suggest pairing it with your favorite bottle of wine and nosh out!”

Currently, the Meat & Cheese Nosh Box retails for $45 and is available for pick-up at The CO-OP SA, located at 11911 Crosswinds Way, Unit 306, San Antonio, Texas 78233, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 1 pm. For $5, the boxes can be delivered on Fridays only.

Photo Credit: Fernando Ortega
The CO-OP SA Meat & Cheese Nosh Box includes:


Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo

Kiolbasa Smoked Meats


Whey Blue (a double cream blue cheese) from River Whey Creamery

Caldera Espana (a Spanish-inspired smoked cheese) a River Whey Creamery Cheese

St. Clements (an award-winning winter cheese with notes of orange, lemon and honey) from River Whey Creamery


Texas Black Gold Garlic Mustard

Assorted In-House Dried Fruits and Candied Nuts

Local Breads

Farmers Market Foraged Pickled Bites 


As previously mentioned, The CO-OP SA has plans to rotate the cheese and meats from various local food businesses and farms who also make pickled, dried and candied foods.

The team is always looking to help support our local San Antonio farms in any way they can. As an added bonus, 15% of the proceeds from the boxes will go to support the nonprofit, Chef Cooperatives, a group of top chefs that come together to put on events to support local farms and ranches. 

“Our Nosh Boxes are just the first of many products we plan to launch that showcase this new online farmers market and what our local food businesses and farms have to offer,” said Stephen Paprocki. “We’re also looking to start a new Sunday farmers market and possibly a Saturday market in Bexar County to help drive sales for companies in need right now.”

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Chef Evan Michels was born into a military family in Minneapolis and, as a result, moved around a lot, mostly growing up in Chicago. After working for the JW Marriott luxury brand in Chicago, he found himself at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, working as a sous chef for the operations and support team in 2018. 

Not long after, he met Stephen Paprocki, after applying for a job with Paprocki’s company, Texas Black Gold Garlic. When the position opened up, he jumped at the opportunity. He was already knowledgeable about black garlic and loved working with it as a chef. It was easy for him to talk to customers and advise them on recipes.

After already working at The CO-OP SA, Chef Michels seemed a natural fit to grab the reins and lead the charge for the new Nosh Box program and online farmers market. 

“The Nosh Box program spoke to me because of my passion for slow food, but also just the sheer versatility of what we could accomplish. I am very excited to be on board and really bring a different style to San Antonio,” said Chef Michels. 



The CO-OP SA is a collective made up of some of San Antonio’s top independent food-related businesses, including Texas Black Gold Garlic, Pharma From the Farm, Creative Mango, Deep River Specialty Foods, The Beignet Stand, Quali-Tees, Special Leaf, ILOVEACEITE US, Ancient Heirloom Grains and the nonprofit Chef Cooperatives, with more on the way. 

The CO-OP SA is a joint partnership developed by Chef Stephen Paprocki of Texas Black Gold Garlic and Pharma from the Farm, Chef Iverson Brownell of Fork and Garden and Rick Gonzales of Gonzales Law Firm. 

They invite new businesses, established entrepreneurs and up-and-coming entrepreneurs to take advantage of their services, including a Commercial Kitchen, Ghost Kitchen for chef pop-ups, Mentorship Program, Cooler Storage, Freezer Storage, Office Space, 6×6 Dry Storage, Food Truck Commissary Kitchen, Food Truck Plug-Ins, Moon Art Space with infinity walls for photo and video shoots and more. 

For more information on The CO-OP SA, visit or call 210-667-8818.

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