Gonzalez Byass USA Insanely Delicious Sherry is at Local H-E-B

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Gonzalez Byass USA Insanely Delicious Sherry is at Local H-E-B

Gonzalez Byass USA Imports Fine Sherries Which are Distributed Throughout Texas and Carried at the Local H-E-B Wine Department

Gonzalez Byass Sherry should be included in the menu when planning your next celebration. Here are a couple of ways to begin and end the meal, making it memorable and delicious.

Gonzalez Byass

Begin the evening with a pre-dinner, low ABV drink, featuring a smaller format bottle of Tio Pepe Fino Sherry ($14.40 SRP) – this is a great way to indulge without overdoing it. You can drink it chilled by itself or in a single serve cocktail, like an easy-to-make Adonis (an equal parts cocktail). What a nice way to kick off the evening with friends by raising a glass with this drink in hand.

Gonzalez Byass

Made from the Palomino grape, the Tio Pepe Fino Sherry is a trademark of Jerez, Spain and a national icon. This wine was named in honor of Gonzalez Byass’ founder’s uncle Jose Angel. Today, Tio Pepe is one of the most famous Spanish brands internationally. Tio Pepe is also suitable for vegans

Gonzalez Byass

Once the main meal is complete have a glass of Solera 1847 Cream Sherry ($30.00 SRP) paired with something sweet, like a bowl of fresh fruit or a delicious cake.

This sweet velvety sherry is made from 75% Palomino and 25% Pedro Ximenez grapes. Solera 1847 has a beautiful dark intense colour thanks to the Pedro Ximenez.

Gonzalez Byass

You will find aromas of raisins, vanilla, oak and slight hints of hazelnuts. You will notice touches of nuts, caramel & oak on the palate. Serve this wine slightly chilled in a small wine glass. What a delicious way to end any meal as an aperitif paired with cheese or as a sweet wine beside a fruity dessert.

Of course you can also wait until all your guests have left, curl up in your pajamas under a warm blanket with a glass of Solera 1847 all while watching the movie you always want to watch, but no one ever agrees with.

These sherries are imported by Gonzalez Byass USA and distributed nationally and throughout Texas. Both Tio Pepe Fino and Solera 1847 can be found online at H-E-B in San Antonio. For more ingormation, please visit: Gonzalez Byass USA.

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

About Gonzalez Byass USA

González Byass USA is a Chicago based importer for a strategically selected portfolio of fine wine and spirit brands from around the world including Spain, Chile, Italy and Austria.

They are the US subsidiary of González Byass headquartered in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. González Byass is a family-owned, collection of wineries founded in 1835 which spans across Spain’s most important wine producing regions.

They also represents a number of international wineries in the US market including from Austria Domäne Wachau. From Italy they represent Pranza, Caldora, Cantine Cellaro, Vesevo, Vigneti Del Salento and Tenute Rossetti. In addition Harveys Bristol Cream and Fundador Brandy de Jerez and El Recuerdo & Señorio mezcals were recently added to the portfolio. Also included are these Mexican brandies from Pedro Domecq: Presidente and Don Pedro.

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