La Panaderia Celebrates a Colorful Holiday Season

Tuesday 29th, December 2020 / 11:26 Written by
La Panaderia Celebrates a Colorful Holiday Season

La Panaderia Celebrates a Festive Holiday Season with Rosca de Reyes

While many holiday plans are shifting this year, La Panaderia is continuing to share their traditions and bread cultura with San Antonio residents. Starting on December 29, La Panadería will begin selling their traditional Rosca de Reyes for Epiphany Day on January 6, 2021.

The sweet bread features flavors including orange and guava with chocolate and vanilla butter crust and cherries, and in Mexican culture it’s tradition to hide a plastic baby to symbolize baby Jesus. Whoever finds the baby traditionally has to throw a party on February 2 for family and friends, though this year they might just be in charge of sending the Zoom link for a virtual party. As not everyone is familiar with the tradition, La Panadería includes the baby separately so people can hide them on their own.

La Panaderia

Guests will have the option to purchase a small Rosca de Reyes for $4.50, a six-pack of small Rosca de Reyes for $24, or a family size Rosca de Reyes for $24. Rosca de Reyes can be preordered online starting December 29 here:

La Panaderia

Taking Curbside Pickup Orders! Select from our food menu and place your orders online and over the phone.

About La Panaderia

Brothers José and David Cáceres opened bakery-cafe La Panadería in 2014 to share their Mexican heritage and love for baking with the people of their adopted hometown of San Antonio, Texas. The Cáceres’ passion for baking began when they were young boys selling loaves of their mother, Doña Josefina’s fresh baked bread on the streets of Mexico City. Eventually José and David took over their mother’s homegrown business and started baking on a large scale, supplying bread and pan dulce for businesses throughout Mexico. After finding financial success in Mexico, the brothers realized they wanted to get back to the basics, and they decided to bring their passion for bread cultura to Texas.

La Panadería, which specializes in making handmade bread and pan dulce inspired by Mexico’s Golden Era, or Epoca de Oro, also draws influence from French, Italian and American breadmaking techniques. La Panadería’s unique approach to breadmaking includes a 48-hour fermentation process that results in artisan baked goods unlike any other. The attention to detail and welcoming atmosphere found at La Panaderia have quickly made the bakery and café a staple in the Alamo City.

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