Delysia Helps You Curate the Perfect New Year’s Celebration

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Delysia Helps You Curate the Perfect New Year’s Celebration

Curate the Perfect New Year’s Celebration from Home with Delysia Chocolatier. From Drinking Chocolates to Exclusive Experiences, Ring in 2021 with the Finest Artisanal Confections

Celebrate Delysia Chocolate with a Glass of Bubbly

See what their Master Chocolatier recommends for a glass of bubbly to enhance their exquisite chocolates.


Indulge in Decadent Sweet Treats – Discover their seasonal releases designed to celebrate 2021

Bring in the New Year with a celebration of flavor

The New Year is a time to look forward to what the future has to offer and there’s no sweeter beginning than Delysia Chocolatier’s New Year collection chocolate truffles. Ring in your New Year with cigars, champagne and strawberries – all expertly infused into these award-winning chocolate truffles.


Make a toast with their Champagne truffle’s not too sweet, not too bitter blend of bittersweet chocolate and bubbly French champagne. Experience the warm tantalizing effect of fine tobacco rolling over your tongue when you bite into the award-winning Cigar truffle. Enjoy the contrasting velvety sweetness of rich milk chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry puree in our luxurious Strawberry truffle.

You’ll be anticipating each delicious bite like the countdown to the New Year. Here’s to the 12 fabulous months ahead!

This celebratory 9-piece chocolate truffle collection contains:

  • 3 Champagne chocolate truffles
  • 3 Strawberry chocolate truffles
  • 3 Cigar chocolate truffles

Snuggle by the Fire with a Loved One

A perfect pairing – Delysia Drinking Chocolate + Coffee Mug $32.00


Delysia Chocolatier’s pure dark chocolate is proof that the best things in life are simple. Our drinking chocolates requires nothing more than fine, high-quality cocoa perfectly paired with a Delysia extra large 20oz coffee mug.

Purists will respect and admire the care and attention that goes into selecting the main ingredient of our Dark chocolate drinking chocolate. Milk chocolate lovers will appreciate the unforgettable, silky sweetness of our Milk chocolate drinking chocolate. Allow the fiery flavor of our Cayenne, Ghost pepper, or Salt Lick Dry Rub drinking chocolate warm your bones. Those looking for more of a seasonal treat will enjoy the nostalgic flavors of our Peppermint, Gingerbread, or Pumpkin spice drinking chocolates.

With ingredients this pure, drinking chocolate is elevated to a truly sophisticated level of simple, full-flavored decadence.

This indulgent set contains:

  • 9oz tin of drinking chocolate
  • Delysia branded 20oz coffee mug

Recipe for their deluxe drinking chocolates 

In a small saucepan, heat 8oz of milk on the stove top until simmering.

Add 3-4 heaping tablespoons of our drinking chocolate mix. 

Lower the heat and stir constantly with a whisk to ensure the milk doesn’t scorch. Cook until the chocolate melts completely, the milk thickens, and the drink is frothy.

Pour into mugs; top with whipped cream or marshmallows. 

For an adult version: Add a shot (or 2!) of your favorite boozy spirit. We love Irish cream, Bourbon, and Kahlua with any of our drinking chocolate mixes.

Share on social media your favorite blend with #DelysiaHotChocolate.

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