This is Exciting – JD’s Chili Parlor Introduces ‘Chili Mary’

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This is Exciting – JD’s Chili Parlor Introduces ‘Chili Mary’

JD’s Chili Parlor Introduces the World’s First-Ever ‘Chili Mary’ (Mixers)!

JD’s Chili Parlor, a chili-focused artisan food company and a 2019 top 20 finalist in H-E-B’s ‘Quest for Texas’ Best’ competition announces the release of their latest and perhaps greatest (at least for those who like to imbibe) invention – the Chili Mary!

What is a Chili Mary?

The trademarked JD’s Chili Mary is a mixer and JD’s spin on the classic Bloody Mary, unlike anything else on the market, thanks to the true chili profile using JD’s signature 5-pepper blend inspired by the historic Chili Queens, along with cumino, garlic, Mexican oregano and paprika. That’s why they say this all-natural product is chili you can drink, y’all!
Currently, the Chili Marys come in 5 different flavors, including  OriginalSea Salt LimePineapple MoritaMesquite Smoked Habanero and Grapefruit Hatch

Jd's Chili Mary

Its diverse and robust flavor profile makes it drinkable, not only like a Bloody Mary, but pairs exceptionally well with an array of spirits and beer, including vodka, tequila and even gin and whiskey.

I tried both the Original & the Sea Salt Lime. Both had such a burst of flavor I liked them as a breakfast drink minus the alcohol. I am thinking they could also be used as a base for a quick bowl of red! Let your imagination run wild for using it in other recipes you may have. And add JD’s Chili Mary mixers to your holiday brunch. Set a Bloody Mary mixing table with several different spirits plus some rim seasoning & toppings and let everyone create their own masterpiece. (Don’t forget to get pictures for Instagram and see who gets the most likes!)

Jd's Chili Mary

“Fusing popular American spirits with the first Chili Mary is a delicious, fun way to straighten out your day. But don’t stop there!” said the modern-day Chili Queen, Diana Anderson, Co-Owner of JD’s Chili Parlor.

  JD’s customers have been using their imaginations to create all kinds of wonderful cocktails and culinary dishes. While you can make a fantastic pot of chili with the Marys, just like their gourmet Chili Fixin’s, folks can also use them as a great marinade because of the apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey and alkaline water. Incidentally, also making this Go Texan product a health tonic with an exhilarating kick all on its own. Versatility is a JD’s specialty and translates across the entire brand, but none more so than the Marys. 

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we decided everyone needed to have a little fun like we always do, sitting around the campfire with a rejuvenating cocktail. Our answer to the quarantine was to create the first Chili Mary in the world, so now everyone can join in on the fun,” said Diana. 

Jd's Chili Mary

“We really wanted to wow people but make a Mary that was very diverse, unlike any other Bloody Mary mixers out there. Because we use all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, no silicon dioxide, no worcestershire or horseradish, it makes it supremely diverse and a healthful product that’s just so delicious and, added bonus, good for gut health,” she added. “I’d really love to see barbecue enthusiasts marinade some ribs, pork butt, brisket or even whole chickens with it. The apple cider, lemon and honey naturally tenderize the meat. It just makes some unbelievable chilified barbecue!”

The Chili Marys are available at Alamo City Liquor stores in San Antonio, but can also be found at various markets, including the New Braunfels Farmers Market, Alamo Heights Farmers Markets and Four Seasons Market, as well as online at

Expect to see the Chili Marys in more liquor stores, bars and restaurants across San Antonio, Texas and the United States, as JD’s continues its mission to “Chilify the World!

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

Jd's Chili Mary

More About JD’s Chili Parlor

Diana and John started their business in 2015, serving gourmet chili in fresh fried hash brown bowls at farmers markets and events, building a following of folks who travel miles and miles for a good “bowl of red.”

JD’s Chili Parlor officially launched their product line in March of 2019, which includes a five-pepper Gourmet Chili Paste and the following flavors for both the Chili Fixin’s and Enchilada Sauces: Original, Pecan-Smoked Whiskey, Red Wine Blackberry, Prickly Pear Tequila, Hatch Bock Beer Chili, Pineapple Morita, Honey Habanero and Tequila Lime. 

While the Gourmet Chili Paste is primarily intended for chefs and home cooks, the other products can be used by anyone to make a quick, delicious and healthful meal, just by adding their favorite meat or veggies.

For more information, please visit or call 210.573.1092. They are located at the LocalSprout Food Hub at 503 Chestnut Street, an integral sustainability-focused incubator for artisan food companies in the Alamo City.

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