Spirited Stocking Stuffer and Champagne Substitute all from Awesome RancH2O

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Spirited Stocking Stuffer and Champagne Substitute all from Awesome RancH2O

The New Normal for Holiday Cocktailing in 2020 is Using the Convenience of RancH2O Canned Cocktails

My Spirited Stocking Stuffer Wish List

If your gift getting wish list includes cocktails without all the fuss but still offer great taste and few calories to boot, start dropping hints to your friends about the one cocktail you would like to see in YOUR stocking on Christmas morning, namely RancH2O. Hint (these same friends would probably like RAncH2O in their stockings as well)!


New Year’s Eve Champagne Substitutes

In the new normal, don’t be surprised if canned cocktails ring in the new year instead of champagne. RancH2O canned cocktails are the low-calorie, mess-free, contactless cocktail with disposable packaging. It’s a bubbly beverage featuring sparkling soda water, real premium liquor, and great flavor with just a pop of the tab – the perfect solution for a hassle-free New Year’s Eve. 

A lot of people are going to need a bar restock at the end of this year! RancH2O, low in calories and big in taste, makes a great stocking stuffer. The brand’s collection includes signature Ranch Water, Vodka Soda with a hint of cranberry, and the Texan Christmas cocktail, Classic Marg, made with premium tequila, soda water, and hints of lime and orange.


About RancH2O

RancH2O is now available in 17 liquor stores in/around San Antonio plus additional locations throughout Texas. RancH2O (pronounced Ranch Two Oh) serves up great tasting canned cocktails featuring real liquor perfectly mixed in four flavors: Ranch Water, Classic Marg, Vodka Soda with cranberry, and Gin Fizz. Big in taste and small in calories, each can is 6.5% to 7.0% ABV and only 150 calories. Launched in 2020 by native Texan Amelia Lettieri, she has conveniently packaged the spirit of Texas and serves it in 12 oz. cans for all to enjoy responsibly. Currently available in over 200 liquor stores across Texas for $13.99 for a four-pack. For more information and store locations, visit www.RancH2OSpirits.com.

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