Evan Williams has the Best Selling Bourbon Based Egg Nog

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Evan Williams has the Best Selling Bourbon Based Egg Nog

It’s Egg Nog Time and the #1 Best Selling Egg Nog on the Market is Evan Williams

If you ask me, I would say the #1 BEST winter cocktail during the holidays is Egg Nog! I search high and low around this time every year looking for the perfect Egg Nog. I have tried many of the brands on the shelves of every store I happen in to. And most of the time I am disappointed in whatever I find. Many are just too sticky sweet and some just taste down right artificial. Even when I try to doctor them up, they have no “real” flavor. And I sure don’t want to waste good whiskey, rum, cognac or brandy on something that already tastes bad!

I have even tried my hand at making different recipes I have found in magazines or that friends have given me. Still not what I remember from long ago. If only….

Evan Williams Egg Nog

The stars must have aligned just right this year as I was asked if I would like to sample the seasonal limited edition of Even Williams prized Egg Nog. This traditional southern-style egg nog is blended with smooth extra-aged Evan Williams Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey and real dairy cream. First this rich cream is blended with eggs to make a delicious custard. Next they add holiday spices like nutmeg & cinnamon and lastly they bring it all together with the Evan Williams bourbon.

This is a well-balanced holiday drink worth searching for. I loved it and am glad I can now find a really good bottle of Egg Nog that checks all my boxes. So now I don’t have to spend a good part of my day making a recipe, which will most likely cost more to buy all the ingredients than a bottle of Evan Williams Egg Nog costs and won’t taste nearly as good.

Evan Williams Egg Nog

This velvety smooth custard drink is a ready-to-pour delight that brings the smell of Créme brúlée & nutmeg to the nose and Bourbon bread Pudding & vanilla to the mouth. Then it all finishes with a thick and creamy mouthfeel with sweet & smoky Bourbon notes.

Just chill, pour and enjoy tonight by the fire!

You can also add to coffee for a warm drink!

Both Egg Nog and Bourbon fans will be happy to get their hands on a couple of bottles of this winning drink. Go HERE to find a bottle near you!

Evan Williams Egg Nog


59.8% ABV

750 ml bottle $9.00

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**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

About Evan Williams

Evan Williams is a smooth, easy to drink Bourbon named after Evan Williams who, in 1783, opened Kentucky’s first commercial distillery along the banks of the Ohio River. Many years and barrels later, we’re still producing Bourbon with the same time-honored methods that Evan Williams did years ago.

Today, Evan Williams is the second largest selling Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey in the US and the world, distilled just a few blocks from the site where Evan himself built his distillery.

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