The Best Holiday Gift is Mind-Blowing Lone River Ranch Water

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The Best Holiday Gift is Mind-Blowing Lone River Ranch Water

Lone River Ranch Water’s New Flavors Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

If you’re looking for the perfect seasonal drink to spice things up this holiday season, Lone River Ranch Water, a West Texas-based brand has two new flavors perfect for the festive season – Spicy Ranch Water and Rio Red Grapefruit Ranch Water. It’s a great gift for the women or men in your life that enjoy a festive beverage!

Lone River’s Spicy Ranch Water is the Original Ranch Water recipe with a Texas kick. Made with 100% organic agave, natural lime juice and a hint of jalapeño, this flavor is sure to keep you warm throughout the chilly holiday season. The Rio Red Grapefruit Ranch Water offers a different flavor profile with a Texas-sized squeeze of Rio Red Grapefruit juice, 100% organic agave and natural lime juice making it a simply refreshing winter beverage.

lone river ranch water

This hard seltzer beverage is the perfect drink for sipping on with family and friends during the holiday season or to gift to the hunting fanatic, rodeo-loving, football-watching man in your life for the perfect sidekick to all the winter activities.

All Lone River Ranch Water varieties, sold in a six pack (suggested retail price $8.99), are available statewide at major retailers such as H-E-B, Central Market, Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Albertsons, 7-Eleven, Total Wine & More, Specs, as well as hundreds of independent stores throughout the state. For more information and to find a location near you, visit

lone river ranch water

About Lone River Ranch Water

A Lone River cuts through the high desert of Far West Texas. Some look to the Lone River for refreshment, others chase the story it writes in every bend and bow.

Out of this Lone River, flows Ranch Water. Legend has it, the first soul to taste Ranch Water followed miles of Texas stars until found asleep under a piñon tree. While what transpired on the journey remains a mystery, its spirit, its sense of adventure inspires to this day.

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