Wicked Spooky Brews from Twang for Halloween

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Wicked Spooky Brews from Twang for Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with these Spooky Drinks from Twang

Halloween will likely look a bit different this year, so in the spirit of celebrating responsibly, here are a couple of spooky cocktails you can enjoy at home courtesy of family-owned salts and seasonings company, Twang, and live music bar, The Squeezebox, both located in San Antonio.

The Squeezebox in San Antonio, Texas

Twang Halloween 2020

Owner/Bartender Aaron Peña of live music bar, The Squeezebox, (which is located along the trendy St. Mary’s Strip) created these two cocktails to be offered during Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. Each topped off with Twang-A-Rita cocktail rimming blends, Witches’ Brew and Wake The Dead are available for patrons looking to sip festive Halloween and Day of the Dead libations.  

Witches’ Brew at The Squeezebox  Price: $8

Twang Halloween 2020

Single serving:

Twang-A-Rita Nectarberry   – Bask your cocktail in bursts of fresh strawberries and lime, and you’ll be sure to enjoy every sweet ’n’ salty sip.

2 oz Cinnamon liqueur

3/4 pomegranate syrup

3oz Apple cider 

Top with champagne 

***Punch recipe:

16 oz cinnamon liqueur 

6oz pomegranate syrup 

24o z Apple cider

1 full 750ml bottle of Champagne (Cava)

Wake The Dead at The Squeezebox   Price: $8

Twang Halloween 2020

Twang-A-Rita Unwind Lime – A tart twist of lime, a dash of kosher salt and a pinch of cane sugar are for a perfect salty-sweet balance.

1oz Bourbon

1oz Gin

.5 oz simple syrup

.25 oz lime juice

Shaken topped with ginger beer 

Two dashes Angostura bitters

About Twang

Sharing fun and flavor with the world is more than our business — it is their family legacy. And it hasn’t always been easy. In 1986, the original flavor factory was an old garage, where Roger Trevino and his family spent many late nights bringing natural ingredients together to perfect the latino-inspired flavors and premium products we all enjoy today.

About The Squeezebox

The sound and soul of San Antonio on the St. Mary’s Strip. Always familia, food, and oldies found here.

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