Try Your Hand at Cracking a Coconut Tomorrow

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Try Your Hand at Cracking a Coconut Tomorrow

World Coconut Day is Sept 2: 12% of Americans Say They Have Tried (And Failed) To Crack A Coconut

You can’t make a piña colada or a decent Thai curry without it, its water makes a great recovery drink, and its fibrous husk, when burned, repels mosquitos — these are just three of many excellent reasons to celebrate World Coconut Day on September 2. 

cracking a coconut

One of nature’s most versatile products, the coconut plant (and its various parts) can be used for food and drink, cosmetic preparations, and decorating. Some coconut proponents (cocoproponents?) even claim that the fruit’s oil can reverse dental decay — if you swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes a day! Most of us aren’t comfortable with a mouthful of oil, no matter whence that oil comes or what it’s purported to do. But we can still get caught up in the coconut craze. Whether you’re stuck on a deserted island or comfortable in your own home, here are some (relatively normal) ideas for using this tropical wonderfruit.

National Today, the internet’s #1 authority on holidays, surveyed 1,000 Americans about their coconut-consuming habits and found:

Over a quarter of people surveyed use coconut oil in their hair, which is actually more than the 22% who use it to cook!

More than a third of people pick baked goods as their preferred way to consume coconuts. 

Only 11% of people surveyed indicated that they don’t like coconuts.

If you have only ever had coconuts in tropical drinks and macaroons, get acquainted with the savory side of this fruit. Try your hand at a coconut-based curry, coconut shrimp, coconut-lime rice, or even coconut-crusted onion rings!

cracking a coconut

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