Pearl Steps Up Safety and Cleaning Measures for COVID-19

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Pearl Steps Up Safety and Cleaning Measures for COVID-19


Pearl continues its dedication to small businesses by announcing the property’s safety and cleaning measures during COVID-19. These measures have been in place since the pandemic began in March and will continue to be implemented until further notice.  

“Pearl is committed to the safety of everyone on the property. With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases we want to assure everyone we are going above and beyond to keep everyone safe and healthy,” said Elizabeth Fauerso, Chief Marketing Officer at Pearl. “As we continue the delicate process of reopening while balancing the safety and health of our employees, visitors, and residents at Pearl, we will continue to be transparent and listen to our city and state leaders as we commit to a safe reopening.” 

Pearl Safety and Cleaning

Outlined below are all the additional measures Pearl is taking, including: 

  • An outside professional sanitation crew performs electrostatic cleaning to evenly apply disinfectant solutions to deep clean and disinfect the entire property at least once a week. This entails vigorous cleaning of the public and common areas with a focus on door handles, elevator buttons, stair railings, restroom fixtures, etc., and increased frequency that common-area hard surfaces are disinfected.
  • Cleaning products utilized are EPA-approved and designed to be effective against the Coronavirus. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are maintained and made available for each cleaning product used.
  • Handwashing and sanitizing stations available throughout the property. 
  • Signage is available in public spaces encouraging social-distancing guidelines.
  • Occupancy limit in elevators.
  • Requiring all guests to be masked in the footprint of the Pearl Farmers Market.
  • Placed social-distancing floor stickers throughout the property. 
  • Removed all indoor seating at the Bottling Department to encourage guests to eat on the patio. Socially-distant patio seating is available.
  • Recently reintroduced tables and chairs in the Pearl’s open spaces. This is to encourage guests to dine outdoors. All seating is placed at 6+ feet apart.
  • Added additional outdoor seating to several of its restaurants including Botika, Southerleigh, Boiler House, La Gloria, and Local Coffee Founders. 
  • Committed to wiping down all outdoor furniture each time guests use it. 
  • Close Pearl Parkway at 10 a.m. everyday to allow for additional outdoor seating and a safe pedestrian experience. 

Pearl continues to honor the City of San Antonio’s directives to keep splash pads closed and the property has aligned with the City’s park closures on potentially high-traffic days (Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July) to deter the congregating of large groups.

Pearl continues to implement all the preventative guidelines as advised by the CDC and local health officials, including additional sanitizing, prescreening the health of employees and temperature checks, frequent hand washing, mandatory masks for employees, and more. Pearl restaurants and retailers continue to offer curbside pickup and delivery options for all its guests. 

Pearl Safety and Cleaning

Pearl maintains its commitment to the following pledge to maintain the safety and health of its employees, visitors and residents – outlined below. For more information on Pearl’s Pledge, please visit

Pearl Pledge 

Over the last ten years, Pearl, in partnership with our restaurants, shops, Hotel Emma, and the Culinary Institute of America, has become a place for San Antonio to gather. We come here to share a table over great food, to learn new things, to wander on the River, meet friends in the park, and to celebrate special traditions. Over the course of the extraordinary last few months, we—like neighborhoods across the world—have re-evaluated so many aspects of our lives and made dramatic adjustments in service to the health and wellbeing of our community. 

And now we face another challenge: beginning the delicate process of reopening while balancing the safety and health of our employees, visitors, and residents at Pearl. This process will be imperfect because there is no precedent for where we are. But we commit the following to you:

  •  We will be transparent
  •  We will listen to our community at large and our subject matter experts leading the way in response and reopening
  • We will work in concert with our partners here at Pearl and with leadership at the City of San Antonio and in compliance with the State’s Executive orders
  • We will seek best practices from communities around the world 

As we navigate this new reality, we seek our community’s partnership. Pearl supports all its partners and the decisions they make on when and how to reopen their businesses. To ensure that our community remains as safe as possible, the following pledge is in place:

Restaurants at Pearl 

Pearl Safety and Cleaning
  • Train our employees on disinfection, hygiene, and respiratory etiquette
  • Limit occupancy and post maximum occupancy
  • Maintain at least six feet distance between parties, including those waiting to be seated
  • Seat no more than six people per table 
  • Make hand sanitizer/wipes available to employees and customers 
  • Wash or sanitize our hands upon entering the restaurant, and between interactions with customers
  • Refrain from leaving condiments, silverware, flatware, glassware, or other traditional tabletop items on an unoccupied table
  • Only provide condiments upon request, and in single use (non-reusable) portions
  • Use disposable menus that are new for each patron
  • Prescreen the health of our employees; send anyone home who is sick
  • Clean and disinfect common areas and surfaces regularly; clean and disinfect each dining area after every use
  • Require all employees to wear masks
  • Post the Pearl Pledge at our entrances and display readily visible signage to remind everyone of best hygiene practices

Shops at Pearl

  • Limit occupancy and post maximum occupancy 
  • Train our employees on disinfection, hygiene, and respiratory etiquette
  • Prescreen the health of our employees; send anyone home who is sick
  • Frequently disinfect regularly touched surfaces
  • Make hand sanitizer/wipes available to employees and customers
  • Wear masks and ask our customers to do the same

Open Spaces at Pearl

Pearl Safety and Cleaning
  • Establish and post maximum occupancy for green spaces at Pearl
  • Request guests, residents, and employees maintain at least six feet social distance from other individuals not within the same household
  • Request guests, residents, and employees wear face coverings or masks when within six feet of another person who is not a member of the individual’s household
  • Gustav Geyser’s remains closed until further notice
  • Public programming remains suspended until further notice

Farmers Market at Pearl

Pearl Safety and Cleaning
  • Vendors will wear masks
  • Make hand sanitizer/hand washing stations available to employees and guests
  • Vendors will handle all products; guests are asked to point to product and avoid touching
  • Post the Pearl Pledge in high traffic areas to remind everyone of best hygiene practices

Farmers Market Guests

Please approach Farmers Market like you would a grocery store:

  • Wear a mask
  • Maintain at least six feet distance from individuals not in your household
  • While shopping, refrain from consuming food and drink
  • Wash or sanitize hands upon entering the market area and between vendor interactions
  • For the time being, leave furry friend(s) at home

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