HEBs Across Texas Now Have Twang Michelada Mix

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HEBs Across Texas Now Have Twang Michelada Mix

Twang Reserve Michelada Mix is Now Carried in HEBs Throughout Texas

Twang Partners, the family-owned company and manufacturer of premium-flavored salts and beverage mixes, wants to let their fans know that the company’s Reserve Michelada Cocktail Mix, is now being carried at HEBs throughout Texas.

Due to customer requests and inquiries about the Treviño family’s first liquid product, 137 HEB stores throughout the state are now carrying Twang’s 16 oz Michelada Cocktail Mix, making it easy and convenient for fans of the cocktail to make one at home. The mix retails for $4.99 and can be found at stores in the San Antonio and Houston areas, the Rio Grande Valley, central Texas and west Texas.

Twang Michelada Mix

In 2019, Twang launched its popular Reserve Michelada Mix, a high-quality, tomato-based blend used to quickly and conveniently create the perfect michelada from home. The popular beer cocktail is native to Mexico, popular in Texas, and is quickly gaining notoriety throughout the United States. The prepared mix works best with Mexican beers and domestic lagers and is commonly referred to as a milder version of its American cousin, the Bloody Mary.

Yummy Michelada Recipe

Twang Michelada Mix

Now you can enjoy our all natural, small batch michelada recipe created from 7 vegetable juices, organic Worcestershire sauce, real lime juice, ancho chilis and our unique blend of seasonings created to make a michelada without any artificial ingredients. Simply Add to Beer!

Twang Reserve Michelada Cocktail Mix
Twang Michelada Rimming Salt
Pickles (optional)
Green Peppers (optional)
Smoked Bacon (optional)
Jalapeños (optional)
Tamarindo (optional)
Shrimp (optional)
Onion Rings (optional)

1. Rim your glass with Twang’s Michelada Rimming Salt
2. Add some ice to your glass
3. Add your favorite beer to the glass
4. Top off with a healthy dose of Twang Reserve Michelada Cocktail Mix
5. Build your Michelada to taste with the rest of the ingredients and enjoy

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