Savory Food Holidays to Celebrate July 29th Through July 31st

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Savory Food Holidays to Celebrate July 29th Through July 31st

Here are Some Tips for Celebrating This Weeks Savory Food Holidays from National Today!

Craving something savory? Well, mark your calendars and celebrate National Chicken Wing Day, National Lasagna Day, National Chili Dog Day, and National Avocado Day over the next week! And enjoy them all with a pour of your favorite Scotch as today, July 27th is National Scotch Day! Observed each year on July 27, National Scotch Day celebrates the iconic whisky. In order to be considered scotch, this classy and distinctive spirit must be made in Scotland. It must be fermented from malted barley, aged in oak barrels for at least three years and have an ABV or alcohol content of less than 94.8%. While most scotch is made with barley, water and yeast; other grains can be included. All fermentation additives are excluded, per law. There are five distinct classifications of Scotch whisky including single malt scotch, single grain scotch, blended malt scotch, blended grain scotch and blended scotch. Scotch is often identified by the region where it was produced and each region has its own characteristics that influence taste. Despite scotch being made in Scotland, you can enjoy the spirit anywhere. Kilt not required.

National Today

National Today — the internet’s #1 authority on holidays — has some recommendations on how to celebrate:

National Today

Waterfalls of ranch dressing? Check. Gobs of blue cheese? Check. Napkins? Check. Since we must still keep our distance due to COVID-19, consider hosting a virtual chicken wing party where everyone makes their favorite and shares the recipe.

  • National Lasagna Day- July 29
National Today

You don’t have to be Italian or a fat, orange cartoon cat to celebrate National Lasagna Day on July 29. We recommend finding a new, exciting recipe and trying to make it from scratch If you want to try a lasagna with meatballs or even straight-up vegetarian, you’ll easily find recipes for both. You may end up finding a new variety that you like even better than grandmas. (Just don’t tell her.) If making lasagna at home is a little more than you want to tackle, consider traveling to a nearby Italian restaurant. 

  • National Chili Dog Day- July 30

Do you want chili? Do you want hot dogs? Sometimes life doesn’t have to be so complicated. Sometimes you can have it all. Enter, the Chili Dog. We know cooking can be hard, what with all the directions and ingredients and the preheating of ovens. Guess what? Making a chili dog isn’t hard. The Internet exists for making vital tasks like these easier. We trust you can do this. Go forth and feast.

National Today

If you’re creative in the kitchen, the avocado and the blender are your friends. Blend it with some bananas and cocoa powder and you’ll have chocolate pudding. Blend it with some garlic, olive oil, salt and lemon juice, and you’ve got salad dressing.  Mashed avocado with banana and olive oil also make a great hair conditioning paste. Mash it up with some olive oil, honey and yogurt and you have an ideal facial mask. Dry up the pit and grind it up with some avocado flesh and salt to create an exfoliating foot scrub. 

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