Fresh n’ Lean’s Vegan Keto Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe

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Fresh n’ Lean’s Vegan Keto Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe

Vegan Keto Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe from the Nation’s #1 Organic Meal Delivery Company Fresh n’ Lean

Meal delivery companies are experiencing a major uptick in popularity as people practice social distancing and limit their grocery store shopping. Fresh n’ Lean, the privately held company founded 10 years ago by 28-year old Laureen Asseo, ranked No. 4 on the USA Today 10Best list for best meal delivery services and meal kits. Announced April 10, Fresh n’ Lean finished higher than any other ready-to-eat meal delivery service. The top three spots went to meal kit companies.

Notably, Fresh n’ Lean was the only company among the 10 that was entirely bootstrapped — it’s privately held and has never received outside funding.

Fresh n' Lean meal delivery

Called “the holy grail of prepared meal delivery services” by Essence Magazine, Fresh n’ Lean has become the country’s largest pre-prepped organic meal delivery service on the strength of its ingredients, which are all sustainably sourced. No pesticides, hormones, gluten, or added sugar are used.

Convenience is also crucial. Meals can be ordered at, with one-time a la carte and weekly meal plans available. The meals are shipped to customers’ doorsteps, and all customers need to do is heat and eat – no meal assembly is required.

Fresh n' Lean meal delivery

In addition to direct-to-consumer delivery, Fresh n’ Lean can also be found at grocery stores located throughout southern California, including Whole Foods, and the company launched its first grab-and-go store in Santa Monica in late 2018.

Here is a recipe from Fresh n’ Lean that is Vegan & Keto friendly and super easy to make!

There are some days where you don’t feel like turning on the oven and just eating what I like to call an “instant gratification” dessert. This vegan keto chocolate avocado pudding is definitely that. All you need is a food processor and a few ingredients and you’ll be on your way to dessert town!

I am honestly surprised at how amazing the consistency is of this pudding. It’s like it came from a box, but didn’t! It’s velvety, smooth, rich, and loaded with healthy fats. And along with being ketogenic, it’s also vegan! I see some delicious dessert in your future, friends.

Vegan Keto Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Fresh n' Lean meal delivery

By: Fresh n’ Lean – the nation’s #1 organic meal delivery company

2 mediumAvocados
3 tbspCocoa Powder
2 tbspMelted Keto-Friendly Dark Chocolate
8 dropsStevia
2 tspVanilla Extract
⅛ tspSalt
2 tspPlant-Based Milk
Cook Time: 2 MINUTES


CARB 20g

FAT 29g


Food Processor


Cut open avocado and scoop out flesh.

Melt chocolate.


Combine all ingredients in a food processor.

Serve, or chill until ready to eat.

About Fresh n’ Lean

Changing the world with one sustainable, responsible and satisfyingly Fresh meal at a time.

Life on earth is changing. Through mass production of ‘long shelf life’ snacks, synthetic ingredients and false foods have become commonplace. As the population grows, so does mass consumption and the ordering of harmful junk food. With over 70% of adults in the US classified as overweight or obese, something had to be done to help people onto a healthier path. What if the economy of fast food was ethical? What if fast food, could also mean quality food? Well, it can.

Fresh n’ Lean is spearheading a movement towards a more wholesome meal designation and delivery. By using mother earth’s natural processes, they harvest organic, non-GMO ingredients combined with free range, certified-humane animal proteins as the foundation of all their meals. Nature knows what it is doing, it has been doing it for a long, long time. They are just the in-between people to ensure nature’s dish arrives on your doorstep undisturbed.

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