The Good Kind Restaurant Hosts Pop Up Kitchen in Southtown

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The Good Kind Restaurant Hosts Pop Up Kitchen in Southtown

Southtown Garden Restaurant, The Good Kind, Hosts Food Truck Pop Up

The Good Kind located at 1127 S. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78210 is hosting a pop up every Wednesday from 4pm-8pm, beginning May 13th with Rosey’s Fish & Chips.

Matthew Rose, an ex-pat from Britain, has always been looking for the “real deal” Fish & Chips in San Antonio. When he couldn’t find it, he took to making his own. It began with hosting “Frydays” from his home, where friends were invited to partake in the beer battered fish & chips for free, as long as quality constructive criticism was given.

The Good Kind pop-up

Now, after many “Frydays,” Chef Rose has perfected his recipes & has launched Rosey’s Fish & Chips. He is hosting his pop-up in kitchens around the city, in hopes of raising enough funds to open his own establishment. Guests can enjoy his Lone Star Beer battered Fish & Chips at The Good Kind every Wednesday from 4pm-8pm. Rosey’s Fish & Chips will offer meals to-go, or you can stay and enjoy your authentic Fish & Chips in The Good Kind’s spacious garden.

The Good Kind pop-up

In correspondence with the 25% capacity regulations, The Good Kind has reopened its garden oasis and is practicing proper social distancing and sanitation guidelines, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of both their guests and staff.

The Good Kind pop-up

The Good Kind will be open daily from 4pm to 9pm until further notice.

More Information:
The Good Kind
1127 S. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78210
(210) 801-5892

Socials: Twitter @eatgoodkind, Facebook @goodkindsouthtown and Instagram @goodkindsouthtown

Rosey’s Fish & Chips

Matthew Rose


Socials: Fackbook @roseysfishandchips

About Rosey’s Fish & Chips

As an ex-pat Brit I’m always on the lookout for the real thing. And I hardly ever find it. So I said to myself, how about if I make it myself? So I got myself a fryer and started.

I make beer battered tasty fish and fries. I use locally brewed beer for my batter (above is my Freetail Soul Doubt battered haddock). So far I’ve catered in my own backyard for friends and the response has been highly positive. So I’ve decided to host some “Frydays” at home where I showcase my wares. I’ll be adding local beer tasting to upcoming showcases. They are FREE to invitees and all I ask is an honest appraisal of my food.

I aim to move beyond giving away my food in the near future as I strive to create a food truck business setting up at local events, businesses and parties. I aim to cater as well! My goal is to serve locally sourced food out of compostable paper so there is zero landfill waste.

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