The Adult Drink of Quarantine: SKYY Cold Brew Whipped Coffee

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The Adult Drink of Quarantine: SKYY Cold Brew Whipped Coffee

SKYY Vodka created the SKYY Cold Brew Dalgona Whipped Coffee, a Fresh Trend on the Latest Viral Beverage

Around the world, we’re all finding ourselves with extra time to learn new things and try fun recipes during quarantine. Taking a fresh spin on the latest viral beverage, Dalgona Whipped Coffee, SKYY Vodka created the SKYY Cold Brew Dalgona Whipped Coffee recipe, a boozy twist to keep you entertained during social distancing. Millions have already whisked up the trend, but SKYY’s Cold Brew Vodka offers the perfect addition to make it a summer staple with a fantastically mild, sweet and less bitter coffee taste that people crave with cold brew.

SKYY Cold Brew

With your milk of choice and ice filling the glass, add a fabulous swoosh of foam on top made with SKYY Infusions Cold Brew Vodka, creating the go-to adult drink of quarantine and your TikTok.

Infused with real Arabica coffee beans, it’s perfect for enjoying whether you’re alone at home or joining a group Zoom with your friends.

SKYY Cold Brew Dalgona Whipped Coffee

SKYY Cold Brew


·         2 Tablespoons Instant Coffee

·         2 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar

·         2 Tablespoons SKYY Infusions Cold Brew Vodka (Can be replaced with SKYY core)

·         6 ounces milk (can substitute for dairy-free options e.g. oat, almond or soy milk)

·         Ice


·         Put the coffee, sugar and water into a medium mixing bowl.

·         Whip all three by hand or with a hand-held mixer (highly recommend a mixer as the lack of hot water requires whipping time in order for coffee/sugar to dissolve)

·         Whip with mixer for 6-8 minutes as the coffee gradually becomes thicker and lighter in color and texture changes to an airy pudding

·         If hand mixing, supplement 1 tablespoon of SKYY Infusions Cold Brew Vodka with 1 tablespoon HOT water to save prep time

·         Fill small glass or mug with ice and milk, place a large dollop of thick, pudding-like whipped coffee on top and enjoy

About SKYY Vodka

Our beginning was motivated by one man’s search for a better martini. The solution was simple in theory: Start with a better vodka. An inventive entrepreneur and engineer who never took “no” for an answer, he set out to create a superior tasting vodka with fewer impurities and unmatched quality. Simply made, SKYY creates the ultimate vodka for a classic vodka martini or vodka tonic.

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