Slate Mill Wine Collective’s Response to COVID-19

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Slate Mill Wine Collective’s Response to COVID-19

With Discounted Shipping, Curbside Pick-up, Home Delivery and More Slate Mill Wine Collective Makes It Easier for You to Enjoy Their Wines

Don’t fret, you will still be able to enjoy excellent wine from Slate Mill Wine Collective while doing your part by sheltering in place.

There are a lot of changes to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic at Slate Mill Wine Collective. Here are a few things they are doing:

  • Curbside Pickup: The Slate Mill Wine Collective tasting room is currently closed for regular business, but it is open for Curbside pickup only Tuesday-Saturday 12-5pm. The winery is offering wine specials, baskets of packaged, local meats and cheeses for pickup along with wine. They are including 2 free 1851 glasses with each order.  Guests are welcome to enjoy a bottle on the patio and enjoy the Spring Vineyards, but no more than 10 people are able to gather in the seating area at one time in accordance with city and CDC requirements. Order in advance:
Slate Mill Wine Collective
  • Free Delivery: The winery is also offering we’re offering free, no-contact home delivery on Tuesdays and Thursdays with an order of $50 or more. Place order 24-hours in advance of the desired delivery date by calling 419-350-9303 or e-mail If you’re outside our delivery area, shipping is also an option.
Slate Mill Wine Collective
  • Tuesday Delivery: Fredericksburg, Johnson City, Kerrville, Comfort, Dripping Springs.
  • Thursday Delivery: Dripping Springs, Wimberley, SE Austin, SW Austin, Central Austin.
  • Service Industry Support: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Slate Mill Wine Collective has launched Operation #twothirteen #payitforward Challenge to provide care packages to service industry workers Twothirteen is a reference to the $2.13 minimum cash wage that many hourly restaurant and bar works make in Texas. The winery wants to give back to the industry and is asking people to submit recommendations for service industry folks that resides within the Texas Hill Country before April 20th to receive a small care package of some basic grocery items and comfort items.  Register here:
  • Virtual Events: Slate Mill Wine Collective is hosting an “Ask Our Experts” Facebook Live Series each Friday at 2pm on Facebook. It is easy to join in, watch, and ask questions. This week’s event is Decoding Wine Speak with Sommelier Jen Beckmann.
Slate Mill Wine Collective
  • The Old Mill Club (Wine Club): Slate Mill Wine Collective offers a customizable wine club membership experience featuring some of Texas’ rising star makers. As a member, you receive three hand-picked shipments a year. Shipments feature new release wines from the in-house brand, 1851 Vineyards, but also allows members to customize selections from a cultivated list of maverick winemakers that produce their wines in the Slate Mill Cellars like CL Butaud, Dandy Rosé, Farmhouse Vineyards, Majek Winery & Vineyards, or Tatum Cellars. The collective continues to grow each day. We believe our ‘collective’ of winemakers represents the pioneering spirit on which this property was founded in back in the year 1851. Begin a customized wine journey today with wines that are tailor selected to suit your palate! Pickup options are available, shipping is also available to multiple states. For more information about the Old Mill Wine Club, inquiries about your existing membership or to make changes to your account please contact:

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