Join Any Baby Can’s Virtual Walk for Autism this Sat, Apr 18th

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Join Any Baby Can’s Virtual Walk for Autism this Sat, Apr 18th

Celebrate Autism Awareness and Fiesta San Antonio the Virtual Way with Any Baby Can!

Any Baby Can is excited to announce our Virtual Walk for Autism! April is Autism Awareness month and we will still march, walk, and ride on! Join us…Saturday April 18, 2020 at Any point in the day!

What: COVID-19 has cancelled Fiesta 2020 this month, but Any Baby Can’s Walk for Autism will go on with a virtual walk in your neighborhood! The Walk for Autism, in its 16th year, helps support families raising children, youth, and adults with Autism. Proceeds fund the many programs ABC
has available for families facing Autism. COVID-19 doesn’t stop the fact that families need support and services, it actually has increased it. Any Baby Can has seen a 91% increase in requests for assistance during this pandemic. Registration is free and donations can be made online at Any Baby Can is hoping to raise at least $5,400 to represent the current autism rate (1 in 54 children identified with autism spectrum disorder ASD).

Any Baby Can’s Virtual Walk for Autism

Who: Families raising children with autism spectrum disorder and community members who support them will walk, jog and ride bikes in their neighborhood. Participants will be dressed in their favorite superhero costume, wear autism awareness shirts, and carry autism awareness signs.
The Autism Heroes Motorcycle club will also ride in their neighborhoods to show their support. The Autism Heroes is made up of riders from various clubs and several who love a child with autism in their own family.

Any Baby Can’s Virtual Walk for Autism

When: Saturday, April 18, 2020. Any point in the day.

Where: In your neighborhood

How does this virtual event work? Glad you asked! Here are 10 simple steps to follow before the walk:

  1. Register online
  2. Get creative! Design your own DIY Superhero costume with whatever items you have in your home
  3. Design your own Autism awareness signs
  4. Have the kids color our ABC Coloring sheets and post it to your window or front door
Any Baby Can’s Virtual Walk for Autism
Download ABC Coloring sheets at
  1. Take a family walk around the block, run a 5K, walk a mile, skip, jog, ride your bike, or run as far as you’d like
  2. Take a photo or short video and post to our event page to share your experience
  3. Make a donation online through our registration platform or website.
  4. Ask your friends and family to donate in your child’s name. Our goal is to raise $5,400 (1 in 54)
  5. Success! You have completed your virtual walk and supported our families with special needs!
  6. Celebrate and give yourself a big hug for making a huge positive impact!

About Any Baby Can

Any Baby Can supports families raising individuals with special needs through case management, prescription assistance, autism support and education, health and wellness programs, sibling support and funeral support and bereavement services. Any Baby Can serves families and individuals in Bexar County and the surrounding 18 counties. Any Baby Can also serves adults who need access to prescription medications.

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