Maverick Whiskey is Helping Community by Crafting Hand Sanitizer

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Maverick Whiskey is Helping Community by Crafting Hand Sanitizer

Local Distillery, Brewery, and Restaurant in Downtown San Antonio, Maverick Whiskey, is Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer to be Donated to the City of San Antonio

Local distillery, brewery, and restaurant in Downtown San Antonio, Maverick Whiskey, located at 115 Broadway St., San Antonio, TX 78205 is manufacturing hand sanitizer to be donated to the City of San Antonio.

Maverick Whiskey, which stands on the foundation of the historic Lockwood Bank building, has now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However with guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, and Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). Maverick Whiskey has shifted their focus to crafting hand sanitizer for donation to San Antonio first responders, hospitals, and other frontline workers.

Maverick Whiskey hand sanitizer

Founders, Drs. Kenneth & Amy Maverick say, “The mission at Maverick Whiskey has always been to do something special for San Antonio, a city that has held a special place in our family’s heart for decades. We are proud to continue that mission, even if it’s in a different way. It is our hope that by utilizing our facilities to produce hand sanitizer, we can contribute in some small way to preventing the spread of COVID-19. We will always keep this city’s best interest at heart. We are all in this together, and we invite you to raise a glass with us at Maverick Whiskey when we all get through this.”

The sanitizer is being produced at 80% ABV per the WHO, FDA, and USP recommended formula. The Maverick family extends a big thank you to Maverick Malt House for their donation of malted barley, and Alamo Transport.

Maverick Whiskey hand sanitizer

Maverick Whiskey’s distillery team is working seven days a week to produce as much sanitizer as possible. The majority of what is produced, will be given to the City of San Antonio, as well as other local health care and essential safety organizations as mentioned above. However, Maverick Whiskey plans to continue production as long as ingredients are available. They are asking for donations in the form of yellow dent #2 corn, or better in order to continue production.

A rolling list has been created for donation and bulk purchase inquiry, Maverick Whiskey asks that requests to be submitted via email to, or by calling (210) 447-7010.

While Maverick Whiskey’s Restaurant and Bar is temporarily closed, they still need your support! You can support them by purchasing their house distilled spirits, which includes their new, aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey and White Rum.

Maverick Whiskey hand sanitizer

Also available is their house brewed beer in 32oz crowlers for $8 each, and bottled wine. Complimentary refills of sanitizer are available up to 4oz with the purchase of 2 spirit bottles or crowlers. Merchandise is also available from their gift shop. Curbside hours are Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm, and Saturday 10am-2pm, but are subject to change. For additional information and curbside purchase inquiries please call (210) 447-7010.

More Information:

Maverick Whiskey

115 Broadway St., San Antonio, TX 78205

(210) 447-7010

Temporary Hours:

Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

Socials: Facebook @livelikesam, Twitter @MaverickWhiskey, and Instagram @MaverickWhiskey

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