Pinch Plans Hiatus; Go Smart Solar Steps in to Aid Staff

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Pinch Plans Hiatus; Go Smart Solar Steps in to Aid Staff

Go Smart Solar Dishes Up Support for Pinch Boil House

San Antonio-based community solar provider and beloved eatery team up
to keep jobs in place!

Go Smart Solar announced today that it has partnered with Pinch Boil House in a show of solidarity for small business owners everywhere. Go Smart Solar will contribute $7,500 to the restaurant. In return, Pinch will provide Go Smart Solar with three-hundred $25 gift cards, which Go Smart will distribute to its current and future customers of their current CPS Energy program, Big Sun Community Solar.

Go Smart Solar partners with Pinch

The renowned Asian street food restaurant, which recently made national headlines for its creative takeout promotion, has elected to close its doors temporarily on Saturday, March 27. However, the financial investment will provide much-needed cash to protect its staff from layoffs during the hiatus. Go Smart Solar and Pinch are both tenants of the Rand Building in downtown San Antonio. When the city forced restaurants to close dining rooms and switch to takeout or delivery, Go Smart Solar co-founders, Jason Pittman and Robert Miggins, approached Pinch co-owners Sean Wen and Andrew Ho with the offer. 

Go Smart Solar partners with Pinch

For both companies, the decision was simple. 

“Pinch is an important part of our downtown ecosystem,” said Miggins and Pittman in a joint statement. “They have grown up alongside the city’s tech community. We often have staff meetings in the dining room over lunch because we love their food! Through the years our team at Go Smart Solar became friends with the Pinch staff. With the closing of Pinch’s dining room, our team was concerned about how the closing would impact our friends. So we thought, ‘what better way to support the Pinch staff than to buy gift cards for our customers.’ That way, Pinch gets much-needed cash to keep their staff on payroll during these difficult times plus we can thank our customers with a $25 gift card and introduce them to a great downtown restaurant. We hope we can inspire other business owners to take action and find ways — financially or otherwise — to help their neighbors.” 

Wen shared his company’s thoughts. 

Go Smart Solar partners with Pinch

“The community has really come together during this crisis,” he said. “As a restaurant we have tried to be creative and optimistic in the face of the restrictions. Go Smart Solar’s team has stood with us since day one. This is just another example of how small businesses are working together to take care of what is most important: People.” 

About Pinch Boil House
Pinch Boil House is a restaurant of Southeast Asian-inspired seafood, street food and beer. The restaurant features and encourages communal dining with its family-style food and promotes a lively atmosphere, similar to a crawfish boil experience. Pinch was originally formed as a pop-up crawfish boils to support the idea of creating a fun environment for families and communities to enjoy food deeply rooted in Asian culture. Today, its mission has not changed. Pinch is located at 124 N. Main Ave., San Antonio, TX, 78205. An Austin location is soon to follow. For more information, please visit or follow along on Instagram at @PinchBoilHouse.

About Go Smart Solar
Go Smart Solar is a San Antonio based company that exists to drive the rapid adoption of solar to entire communities through innovative business models. They partner with utilities to develop more affordable and accessible solar programs. Chosen by CPS Energy, their 5 megawatt community solar program, Big Sun Community Solar, offers a no-hassle way for San Antonio residents and business owners to adopt solar without the maintenance of traditional rooftop solar. Learn more at

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