Houston Street Charities & SACC Help San Antonio Restaurants

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Houston Street Charities & SACC Help San Antonio Restaurants

Houston Street Charities and San Antonio Cocktail Conference Have Set Up a One-Stop Shopping Website for San Antonio Restaurant Gift Card Purchases

You can Help Local Restaurants Now by Purchasing Gift Cards for Use Later

The world health crisis has changed most everything around us and it has hit our food and beverage industry especially hard. Houston Street Charities & San Antonio Cocktail Conference are now giving us a chance to support the local restaurants that need our help while shopping at home!

Houston Street Charities San Antonio Restaurants

Restaurants and bars have now suspended service and have had to furlough workers indefinitely. We are opening our website to create a restaurant gift card ‘shopping mall’ – a single location where you can buy gift cards from these restaurants – our neighbors, our friends – and help them in this challenging time. Gift cards are available from restaurants all over San Antonio. Click here.

Click on the link above and then just click on the individual restaurant logo and you’ll be linked directly to that restaurant for purchase. Do your holiday shopping early, buy for a friend who needs cheering up, or purchase for yourself to use for a night or two out in the future! Help us extend a hand to the restaurants in our community!

Houston Street Charities San Antonio Restaurants

As Mayor Ron Nirenberg said, “This is an easy way to help the restaurants in our community. Buying a gift card now – to use later when these restaurants are back in service – can help sustain their businesses and assist their employees. It’s the people of San Antonio supporting their neighbors and friends – and it’s what we’re all about.”

Buy now, enjoy later. Bon Apetit!

If you have a restaurant that you’d like to have included on this site, please contact Cathy Siegel, cathy@sacocktails.org

About Houston Street Charities

Houston Street Charities San Antonio Restaurants

The San Antonio Cocktail Conference is a Houston Street Charities event. Since its inception, Houston Street Charities and the San Antonio Cocktail Conference have donated profits to local charities making a difference for children. Volunteers, sponsors and patrons of San Antonio Cocktail Conference have made it possible to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to save lives, while educating the public on these important causes.

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