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Practice Social Distancing While Watching Beloved Films for Free from the Safety of Your Vehicle at EVO® Drive-In Theater in Schertz

EVO Entertainment Group® will officially institute the EVO® Drive-In theater at its Schertz, TX location. In an effort to support social distancing practices during the COVID-19 outbreak and to provide cinema lovers with the opportunity to enjoy films while all EVO locations are temporarily closed, EVO is launching a nightly feature of select screenings in its parking lot so that guests can enjoy movies from the comfort and safety of their vehicles. Admission is free, but spaces are limited to the amount of parking spots available. Available showtimes will be updated regularly on EVO’s website: www.evo-entertainment.com.

EVO® Drive-In Theater in Schertz

During each screening, guests will have the opportunity to order menu items from EVO’s scratch kitchen via a custom mobile ordering interface that was built specifically for this initiative. Ordering and payment will take place via the interface and cash will not be accepted. When orders are ready, an EVO team member equipped with nitrile gloves will run the items out to the driver side door; EVO asks that guests do not open their doors until the runner is approximately 10 feet from the vehicle. Guests are not obligated to order food or drinks during the viewing, but if they feel inclined to do so, they may use the mobile interface to make a donation that will directly support EVO Entertainment team members during these uncertain times. 

EVO® Drive-In Theater in Schertz

“This is a difficult time for everyone, so we’ve made it our goal to find a way to spread positivity within our communities while sharing in the responsibility of social distancing during this crisis,” said EVO Entertainment Group® CEO, Mitch Roberts. “Our current climate has challenged us to adapt and develop innovative ways to continue to provide entertainment to our communities, and we are thrilled to give our guests an opportunity to enjoy a fun night out away from their homes in a safe way.”

EVO is currently making the necessary adjustments to transform its Schertz parking lot into an ideal drive-in location. The exterior wall of the building will be painted with a high-grain white paint to increase visibility during showings, and sound will be transmitted directly to each vehicle via AM/FM radios. Indoor bathrooms will be available for guests to use and will be limited to no more than 10 people at a time. All films will end in time to meet the 10 p.m. curfew restriction. 

Showtimes and lineups will be announced this week. For more information, click here.

EVO® Drive-In Theater in Schertz

EVO Entertainment Group® is an Austin based out-of-home entertainment operator comprised of a number of innovative brands including EVO® Entertainment, EVO® Cinemas, and EVO® Concerts.  Since its launch in 2014, EVO® has gained a reputation as a leader in innovation, as well as one of the fastest growing independent cinema circuits in the country. EVO® Entertainment Group currently employs over 1,000 team members and entertains nearly 3 million guests annually.

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