La Gloria Grocery Market Extends Hours for Medical Workers & First Responders

Saturday 28th, March 2020 / 13:52 Written by
La Gloria Grocery Market Extends Hours for Medical Workers & First Responders

La Gloria at Pearl Launches Exclusive Market Hours for Medical and First Responder Workers

La Gloria at Pearl will be offering a special time for the medical community to shop at the La Gloria Grocery Market. Due to the current limited offerings and hours at grocery stores in the later part of the day, the La Gloria Market will be extending its hours from 6 – 9 p.m. for medical professionals and first responders only. Customers must show a valid medical ID to enter the La Gloria Market during these hours. 

La Gloria Grocery Market

There will also be an online ordering system and curbside pick up starting on Monday, March 30. This service will be exclusively provided for medical and first responders. La Gloria will be requesting a valid medical ID at time of pickup. 

“I feel like La Gloria has long been a community dinner table of folks from all parts of San Antonio and I’m very happy that during this difficult time we can continue to serve our city through our new Grocery Market,” said La Gloria Chef and Owner Johnny Hernandez. “Most importantly, we all know that medical workers and first responders are on the front line of this effort to beat COVID-19 and we want to make it convenient and easy for them to do their shopping.”

La Gloria Grocery Market

The La Gloria Market carries essential items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, dairy products, fresh produce, bottled water and pantry items. La Gloria is also offering to-go meals, family style meals, and more.

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La Gloria Grocery Market

About La Gloria

La Gloria is a place that was created to celebrate the rich and delicious street foods from interior Mexico. From tacos al pastor in Mexico City, tlayudas in Oaxaca, to coctéles de mariscos from Veracruz, Mexico’s street foods are as unique and colorful as its traditions, people and culture.

La Gloria means “the heavens”, and our wish is that you experience heaven on earth through dining with us. Remember, “No hace falta morir para llegar a la Gloria.” (“You don’t have to die to go to heaven.”)

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