Girl Scout Cookie + Beer Paring at The General Public!

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Girl Scout Cookie + Beer Paring at The General Public!

True Story – The General Public is Celebrating Girl Scout Cookie Season by Pairing a Different Karbach Beer with a Girl Scout Cookie

As Girl Scout Cookie season is in full swing,The General Public decided to pair these mouthwatering cookies with some Karbach Brewing Co. beers!

From March 1-15th, The General Public will be offering 4 cookies paired with a flight of 4 beers for just $10. The pairings include:

  • Blood Orange Radler and Thin Mints – The Radler’s bright and refreshing blood orange and citrus flavors compliment the Thin Mint’s cooling mint and sweet chocolate.
The General Public cookie and beer pairing
  • Southern Wheat and S’mores – Notes of cereal grain and Texas-grown oranges cut through the richness of this wonderfully sweet treat, creating a new dimension of flavor.
The General Public cookie and beer pairing
  • Rodeo Clown and Tagalongs – Prominent flavors of toffee, stone fruit and cherry match the rich mouthwatering flavors of the Tagalongs’ chocolate and peanut better.
The General Public cookie and beer pairing
  • Crawford Bock and Samoas – This pairing enhances the wonderful caramel and nutty notes found in both the beer and the cookie.
The General Public cookie and beer pairing

Do you love craft beer? Do you love Girl Scout Cookies (who doesn’t)? Then this very unique pairing is definitely something you are going to love. My favorite was undeniably the Rodeo Clown and the Tagalongs which matched flavors of toffee in the beer and the peanut butter in the cookie. With this combo being a little heavier, its makes them a match for the fall season. So be sure to put some Tagalongs aside in the freezer for later! A close second was the Blood Orange Radler and Thin Mints. the citrus of the beer was delish with the cooling mint and chocolate. A great selection for summer. The bitterness I usually find in wheat beer was made a little sweeter with the addition of Texas oranges in the Southern Wheat beer. For those of you who don’t have a BIG sweet tooth, I found the citrus also gave this beer a twang which took some of the sweetness out of the S’more cookie. The Crawford Bock and Samoas complimented each other with like flavors of caramel and nuts.

This is one of the most unique and fun pairings I have been to. You should stop into The General Public and give it a try. But be aware this pairing ends on March 15th!

From Starters to Desserts, you will always find something to please your palate at The General Public neighborhood restaurant and bar located in The Rim in San Antonio.

**Full Disclosure: I received a tasting in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

Location: 17619 La Cantera Pkwy Ste 102, San Antonio, TX 78257

Phone: 210-920-1101


Mon-Thur | 11AM- 10:30PM

Fri | 11AM – 12AM

Sat | 10:30AM – 12AM

Sun | 10:30AM-10:30PM

About The General Public

The General Public cookie and beer pairing

A spirited neighborhood restaurant and bar committed to wholesome food and warm hospitality. We are devoted to rewriting familiar recipes using only the freshest ingredients from farmers and suppliers we know personally. And we are committed to always keeping you in good spirits.

About Karbach Brewing

At Karbach, we focus on a few things that drive our philosophy. First, we think craft beer should be for everyone. We believe most craft beer has grown into a realm of exclusivity – and we don’t buy that way of thinking. We’ll make a beer for any person, regardless of what they like or where they come from. And most importantly – we’ll make that person’s beer damn good and have fun making it for them. We welcome anyone and everyone to the world of great beer – just ask, and you will receive. Because all our beer are Crafted for Serious Fun.

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