Beautifully Delicious Easter Gifts by Delysia Chocolates

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Beautifully Delicious Easter Gifts by Delysia Chocolates

Delysia Chocolatier Sweet Easter Treats are Not Just Gorgeous to Look at, They are Delicious as Well

Eggs have been recognized as potent symbol of life, renewal and rebirth for millennia. The modern tradition of eating chocolate eggs at Easter is a fun, kid-friendly twist on this ancient religious ritual, dating back to early-19th century in France and Germany. We’re thrilled to keep the tradition alive and well with our hand-made chocolate treats for Easter. 

Kids love coloring Easter eggs. Why not color a delicious chocolate egg? The Delysia Chocolatier Dyed Easter eggs molded chocolate is a perfect holiday gift that lets kids of all ages decorate solid white chocolate eggs in pastel colors with chocolate pens – just like the real thing. These chocolate eggs are a perfect accompaniment to the Delysia’s handcrafted and personally curated Easter baskets. Kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy traditional favorites like our molded solid chocolate Easter bunnies and our Easter collection which holds some delicious yet classic flavors. Sink your teeth into our silky milk chocolate peanut butter, decadent white chocolate coconut, and fluffy milk chocolate marshmallow truffles.

Delysia Chocolatier Easter
Delysia Chocolatier Easter

About Delysia Chocolatier

Delysia Chocolatier Easter

Every occasion and every day should be exceptional. At Delysia Chocolatier they use fine chocolates to create experiences. And these experiences are what make every day and any day extraordinary. It is about the way you feel, how you bring friends and family together and the memories you create.

Just like you, they understand the importance of being one of a kind. Their chocolates are just that. They are unique. They are memorable. They are remarkable. Take an ordinary day, add chocolate from Delysia Chocolatier and create an extraordinary experience.

They would love nothing more than to help make any day, any occasion, any moment remarkable for you.

Delysia chocolates are handcrafted in Austin, Texas at their Culinary Center & Chocolate Boutique. Many include unique, local ingredients that are not available anywhere else. Relish in their passion for creating the finest quality and most unique chocolates available.

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