Pearl San Antonio Announces Their January 2020 Events

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Pearl San Antonio Announces Their January 2020 Events

Launching Thinking & Drinking Series & Return of Fitness are Part of What You Can Expect in January 2020 at Pearl

In 2020, Pearl is excited to announce Thinking & Drinking at Pearl—the newest offering in the array of amazing programming already hosted throughout the year. In addition, Pearl will bring back free weekly fitness sessions open to the public to begin the first week in January and continue into the warmer months.   

“Pearl is dedicated to bringing San Antonians and visitors together through compelling, dynamic events,” said Elizabeth Fauerso, chief marketing officer of Pearl. “The thoughtful 2020 programming will help everyone start the new year off right and further enhance Pearl’s offerings.” 

The winter programming for next year is as follows:

Thinking & Drinking at Pearl

Join us for a series of philosophical conversations about music. Why do we listen to sad songs if they make us sad? Should Bob Dylan have been eligible for the Nobel Prize in Literature? If an improvisation is made up on the spot, how can we expect it to sound good? These are just a few philosophical questions about music—fundamental conceptual questions raised by the way we make and listen to music. Led by Trinity University professor Dr. Andrew Kania, you’ll get a chance to think through some of these issues out loud—helped along by libations from the best of the Pearl’s drinking establishments. Each session is capped at 15 participants and includes two beverages. Purchase tickets here. The Thinking & Drinking schedule is:

  • Wednesday, January 15 | 6 p.m. | High Street Wine Co.
Pearl January 2020 Events

Sad Songs Say So Much: Music and Emotion
If music is just sounds, how can it be happy or sad? What is the significance of our emotional responses to music? And why do we listen to sad music if it makes us sad?

  • Wednesday, January 22 | 6 p.m. | Southerleigh
    Strange Sounds: What is Music, Anyway?
    Musicians seem to be able to incorporate just about any sounds into their compositions. But what makes those sounds music? How can one note be higher than another? What can the musical experiences of deaf people tell us about music?
  • Wednesday, January 29 | 8 p.m. | Jazz, TX
    Making Music: Performance, Improvisation, and Recording
    What’s the difference between being overheard making music and performing for an audience? Are recordings just that – records of performances – or are they an art form in their own right? What makes a performance an improvisation? This conversation is followed by a live performance.
Pearl January 2020 Events

Fitness at Pearl

Pearl is thrilled to continue free community workout classes led by local fitness providers weekly on Tuesday evenings beginning in 2020. Throughout the year, partners will include Pilates Platinum, Smart Barre, Nomadik Yoga, Zumba with Mau Garcia and Joy Ride. The January schedule is:

Pearl January 2020 Events
  • Tuesday, January 7   | Pilates Platinum | 5:30 p.m. | Pearl Park
  • Tuesday, January 14 | Pilates Platinum |  5:30 p.m. | Pearl Park
  • Tuesday, January 21 | Pilates Platinum |  5:30 p.m. | Pearl Park
  • Tuesday, January 28 | Pilates Platinum |  5:30 p.m. | Pearl Park

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