Ida Claire & Whiskey Cake Can Make Your Holidays Sweeter

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Ida Claire & Whiskey Cake Can Make Your Holidays Sweeter

Take-Away Treats from Two of San Antonio’s Favorite Restaurants, Ida Claire & Whiskey Cake, Make the Holidays Sweeter

These great take-away signature desserts from Whiskey Cake and Ida Claire are sure to make your holidays a lot sweeter! 

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year, but sometimes also the most hectic. With this in mind, chefs at some of the most memorable restaurants in town – Whiskey Cake and Ida Claire – are offering a take-home version of their signature desserts now through Tuesday, December 24. 

These stand-out sweets make for a perfect hostess gift or a delicious dessert to end a special meal with family and friends. See below for additional details.

  •  Whiskey Cake:
    • Whiskey Cake: a dessert so good they named the restaurants after it. Each 9×11” dessert is made with bourbon anglaise, toffee sauce, spiced pecans and whipped cream. Cost: $59 each. Must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance by calling the San Antonio location at (210) 236-8095.
Ida Claire & Whiskey Cake sweets
  •  Ida Claire:
    • Ida Claire’s newest location is offering two flavors of housemade 9” pies for the holidays including a classic Pecan Pie. The ‘south of ordinary’ restaurant is also putting a festive twist on key lime pie with a Cranberry Key Lime Pie. Cost: $35. Must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance by calling Ida Claire at (210) 667-2145.
Ida Claire & Whiskey Cake sweets
Ida Claire & Whiskey Cake sweets
Cranberry Key Lime Pie

About Whiskey Cake

Whiskey Cake is your neighborhood joint for craft cocktails and farm-fresh comfort food. They source flavors, ingredients, and ideas straight from the farm, because good food tastes even better when it’s grown locally.

From their mesquite wood-grilled plates to fresh greens and famous desserts, all of their hand-crafted dishes are served up with simple, honest flavors in a rustic, local atmosphere. Their chefs transform simple, seasonal ingredients into classic American dishes with local flavor.

About Ida Claire

Ida Claire is an intriguing, southern influenced restaurant & bar. The elevated southern cuisine has influences from different regions. You’ll most likely see dishes you’ve heard of before but with little twists here and there. Their sandwiches will be served on biscuits and they’ll have chicken and waffles on every menu. Brunch is obviously southern and are a big part of what they do. The drinks are takes on classics like the Mint Julep but revved up and including a lot of house made ingredients. They’ll have several different house bitters and a house gin. The décor has a southern influence with antebellum charm and elegant polish, stated most clearly in their reworked air stream trailer parked in the garden for VIP reservations. The whole restaurant feels like a quirky southern aristocrat’s home…just not exactly what you might think.

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