Winter Sips in San Antonio to Keep You Warm

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Winter Sips in San Antonio to Keep You Warm

Cozy up to the Cold with These Winter Sips Around San Antonio

The temperature has officially dipped in Texas, and you are probably looking for spots in and around San Antonio to stay warm with winter sips. Whether locals like their libations spiked or sweetened, please keep the following places in mind for cozy, cold weather sipping.

Bakery Lorraine 

Warm up this winter season with steamy offerings from the nationally recognized pastry shop, Bakery Lorraine. Your readers can enjoy the seasonal Matcha Latte made with green tea infused with rose water, steamed to a rich creaminess with any choice of milk for $4.50 or the Latte made with an exclusive seasonal blend of Merit Coffee and steamed with any milk choice for $4.50. Bakery Lorraine will also have traditional offerings like Hot Chocolate with Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate, topped with housemade whipped cream and powdered cocoa for $3.75 and the Mocha made with Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate steamed, and topped with powdered cocoa for $4.50. These offerings are available at all three San Antonio Bakery Lorraine locations and in Austin. 

La Panadería

winter sips San Antonio
Photo Credit: Karissa Rangel

Downtown: 301 E Houston St San Antonio, TX 78205

Alamo Heights: 8305 Broadway St San Antonio, TX 78209

The acclaimed bakery/restaurant owned by Mexican brothers, José and David Cáceres, is whipping up homemade Mexican Hot Chocolate and Dirty Hot Chocolate (Chocolate Abuelita + Espresso) all winter long. Patrons can pair a cup of hot chocolate with a concha to successfully avoid the winter blues.

The Esquire Tavern

155 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Behind the historic bar at Esquire Tavern, a traditional Hot Toddy is a staple for cold weather and warming up with friends and family who may be in town for the holidays. Esquire’s Hot Toddy is $9; your choice of spirit includes: apple brandy, bourbon whiskey, or esquire rum blend no. 9 with honey, lemon, allspice, served warm.

winter sips San Antonio
Photo Credit: Kody Melton

Make your own with the recipe:


1.5oz Choice of Spirit – apple brandy, bourbon whiskey, or esquire rum blend no. 9 (We recommend Apple Brandy for those who haven’t tried it.)

.75oz Honey Syrup (Honey:Water, 3:1)

.75oz Fresh Lemon Juice

.25oz Hamilton Pimento Dram

Method: Shake liquid ingredients without ice in a shaker tin, and pour into warmed glass or mug, add 4oz water (200°F), and stir.

Garnish: Wide swath of lemon zest pierced with 3 whole cloves. Light the cloves with a match, and express the oil of the lemon peel while the cloves are flaming for a little fireworks show, and drop into glass.

Glassware: Footed Glass or Mug, warmed with hot water

Supper and Larder at Hotel Emma

winter sips San Antonio

Address: 136 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215

Drink: San Antonio’s gorgeous and food-focused Hotel Emma offers a rich and traditional Oaxacan Hot Chocolate both at Supper and Larder that is perfect on a chilly winter day.  Featuring chocolate and salt from Oaxaca, the hotel’s version of this popular drink is creamy and decadent but not too sweet, with authentic Mexican cinnamon which gives it a special kick.

Sternewirth at Hotel Emma

winter sips San Antonio

Address: 136 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215

Drinks: Sternewirth offers Hot Toddy’s and specialty Irish Coffees/Spanish Coffees. 

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