Uberrito Fresh-Mex Tacos & Burritos Now Open in San Antonio

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Uberrito Fresh-Mex Tacos & Burritos Now Open in San Antonio

Your Choice – Build Your Own Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Salad or Nacho Plate or Order a Special Made Taco at Uberrito

It seems that the build-your-own-meal restaurants are becoming extremely popular these days and for good reason. Everyone’s taste buds are different! Some like it spicy, some not. Some like it hot others like it cold. And still others like the crispy while there are those who prefer the softer side of things.

Uberrito founders understood the idea of variety and decided to open a restaurant that would please the many, not the few. And now there is an Uberrito in San Antonio.

The concept is simple. You choose from a traditional burrito wrapped up in a huge soft tortilla, a burrito bowl without the tortilla, a salad which has a base of fresh greens (for a lite dish) or nachos with crisp fried corn tortillas topped the way you like.

Uberrito Fresh-Mex San Antonio

You start by choosing a tortilla flavor; flour, wheat, spinach or jalapeno-cheddar. Now it’s time to fill that grande burrito!

Start by picking your protein from beer battered cod to shredded carnitas to vegan picadillo (there are 8 to choose from). Then you move on to the rice & bean selection. Spanish rice or cilantro-lime rice then black beans, pinto beans or refried beans.

Don’t glaze-over on me now cause you next choose your toppings. From things like cotija cheese, chopped red onions, fresh jalapenos, jicama slaw, and 17 others. And now it’s time to add the stuff that brings it all together, the salsa. There are 8 choices here from no heat to 5 flame status. I find it’s always best to stay in the medium range until you know the restaurant.

Uberrito Fresh-Mex San Antonio
Uberrito Fresh-Mex San Antonio

So I decided on the burrito made with the jalapeno-cheddar tortilla, then added chicken, Spanish rice, black beans, about 5-6 toppings and then finished with the Smoky Chile de Árbol 4-flame salsa. This burrito was a monster in size and it really packed some good flavor. I tried eating it as a rolled burrito, but ended up having to use a fork and knife. It was actually big enough for two people.

With the bowls, salads and nachos you go about the same process of choices!

Uberrito Fresh-Mex San Antonio

And I did mention this is a taco place also, right. Uberrito makes as many as 10 different tasty tacos too! You order the one or ones you want like Diablo Shrimp, Serrano Ranch Hand or Tree Hugger and they will bring them out to you. I ordered two different tacos; the Two-Timer, with seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, & shredded cheese drizzled with sour cream in a crispy taco shell, wrapped in a flour tortilla, spread with refried beans, and the Fried Pork, with shredded pork carnitas topped with pico de gallo & shredded cheese drizzled with tomatillo tomato and spicy avocado salsa & sour cream on two corn tortillas. Both were delicious and really packed with everything. They don’t want you to go hungry here!

Uberrito Fresh-Mex San Antonio

Uberrito has some side offerings too, like tortilla soup, chips with guacamole or queso and giant cookies. They also have options to meet a wide variety of dietary needs. The restaurant has several kid-friendly meals so the whole family is happy! Check out this fast-casual eatery today.

**Full Disclosure: I received lunch in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

Download their to-go menu here!


5238 DeZavala Road, Suite 114
San Antonio, TX 78249

Phone: 210.481.4270


10:45 am-10:00 pm
10:45 am-9:00 pm

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