Jet-Setter Takes A SHINE To The Happy Hour Crowd

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Jet-Setter Takes A SHINE To The Happy Hour Crowd

Lost Arts Found! Jet-Setter Offers Old Fashioned Shoeshine Happy Hour

Old fashioned hospitality seems to be a lost art, but not for the team behind downtown’s hottest new bar – Jet-Setter. Jet-Setter is setting out to give guests the highest level cocktails mixed with impeccable hospitality. Their latest happy hour offer is no exception, grab your wingtips and fly downtown to grab a shoeshine and wine or scotch. Shoeshine and exceptional customer service – no longer lost arts in SA’s local downtown scene.

Lace up your wingtips and fly downtown for happy hour!  Whether you’re part of downtown’s professional scene, or someone who simply wants to relax and put your feet up, Jet-Setter is the place for you to shine—your shoes that is!  From Monday through Friday from 4-7 pm., Jet-Setter is offering a complimentary shoeshine in the front lobby with the purchase of a Glenmorangie Scotch cocktail, or glass of Cape Mentelle wine. It’s part of the Houston Street hot spot’s commitment to serving up more than just an international menu of high-quality beverages—it is serving up an experience.

Jet-Setter happy hour

“We take an old-fashioned approach to customer service,” says owner Benjamin Krick. “We want our guests to enjoy the best of everything, in a warm, welcoming environment that invites them to put their feet up.”

Known for carefully crafted and creative cocktails and mocktails made from scratch using some of the world’s finest ingredients, Jet-Setter has quickly established itself as the place to be for a happy hour unlike any other. The menu reads like an international travel itinerary with nine cocktails made from completely different bases that are just as unusual as Jet-Setter’s signature cocktails, and are made with the same high-quality premium spirits. Inspired by Krick’s own travels, it’s like a trip around the world for your taste buds.

Jet-Setter happy hour

“You are not going to find another happy hour menu like this in town,” assures Krick.

The “Scotch and Shine” and “Wine and Shine” specials are no exception.  The original 10-year old Glenmorangie Scotch is distilled in the Scottish Highlands and is acclaimed for its rich, smooth taste and intriguing complexity that will delight even the most discerning whisky palate.  The Cape Mentelle vintages from Margaret River, the premium wine region of Western Australia are beautifully complex in both aroma and flavor profile with refreshing, fruity character. 

Jet-Setter happy hour

Both specials are $10 each and include your “boarding pass” for the free shoeshine. The rest of the happy hour menu features $7 cocktails—another feature that sets this menu apart from the rest.

“We want you to fully appreciate the flavors and presentation of the cultures represented,” explains Krick. “It’s a journey for your senses.”

Select from the menu below and receive
a complimentary boarding pass to
Jetsetter’s new shoeshine station.
San Antonio -> Scotland
Scotch Cobbler
Glenmorangie Original 10 Years Old, Maraschino, Fresh Orange, Bitters.

Glenmorangie Original 10 Years Old
over a large ice cube.

San Antonio -> Australia
Cape Mentelle Rosé
Aromatics: Strawberry, Melon,
White Peach.
Palate: Red Currant, Meyer Lemon,
Cassis Tea

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Aromatics: Lime, Lemongrass, Cucumber
Palate: Lemon curd, Passion fruit, Nectarine

Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
Aromatics: Violet, Clove, Black Currant
Palate: Ripe Plum, Black Pepper, Vanilla


Established in 2019, Jet-Setter is located at 229 E. Houston Street in the heart of downtown San Antonio. Conveniently situated near theatres and restaurants, Jet-Setter offers a globally inspired menu of both classic and 31 original cocktails made with high-end ingredients from all over the world, along with a selection of boutique wines.  With a 1960s airport lounge vibe, Jet-Setter is a zero-waste facility and is available for private events. Open daily from 2-4 a.m., with happy hour from 4-7 p.m. For more information visit or call 210-272.0457. Follow Jetsetter on Facebook and Instagram @jet_setter_sa.

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