Texas Black Gold Garlic Announces Revolutionary New Products

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Texas Black Gold Garlic Announces Revolutionary New Products

Wowing Chefs/Cooks With Amazing New “True Vegan” Products is Texas Black Gold Garlic

San Antonio-based gourmet food manufacturer, Texas Black Gold Garlic, is excited to announce the release of three new unbelievably delicious “true vegan” products:  Black Shallot, Black Pearl Onion and Black Ginger. 

For those who have had the opportunity to taste and cook with black garlic, you know what a wholly unique culinary experience it is and how it can enhance just about any dish, from savory to sweet, with its rich caramelized, balsamic-like punch of scintillating and complex flavors. 

Similarly, the Black Shallot, Black Pearl Onion and Black Ginger take these simple ingredients and send them into an umami orbit that chefs just can’t get enough of. 

“There’s simply nothing else like this on the market. Other black garlic companies have stopped at garlic, but we saw the potential to truly enhance these other basic ingredients that chefs and home cooks use every day,” shares Chef and Owner, Stephen Paprocki. “This is my magnum opus for the culinary world.”

What They Taste Like, according to Chef Paprocki:

Black Shallot: It’s a pop of caramelized onion in your mouth, taking the staple of meat and potatoes to a whole new level. 

Texas Black Gold Garlic new products

Black Pearl Onion: Imagine French onion soup in pearl form. 

Texas Black Gold Garlic new products

Black Ginger: Nothing can compare to this unparalleled flavor profile. It’s straight umami with none of the fiery/spicy ginger component one might expect. 

Texas Black Gold Garlic new products

Like their predecessor, the new products also offer health benefits derived from the Malliard process, akin to fermentation, such as a massive increase in antioxidants. 

Additionally, the majority of the ingredients are grown in cooperation with local Texas farmers. “One of our company’s primary missions has always been to work with and support local farmers. Not only does our seed program help the farmers, but knowing the farmer helps us maintain a significant amount of quality control, something no other black garlic companies are doing,” explains Paprocki. 

“On top of that, we say our products are truly vegan and beyond organic because they’re grown without fertilizer or pesticides and are naturally non-GMO, for that matter,’ he says. 

“Many people don’t realize this, but certified organic is not always what people expect. Meaning people, vegans for example, feel assured they’re eating clean produce when, in fact, organic fertilizer can be used to grow certified organic vegetables, but when tested, animal protein is often found due to the organic manure, so it’s not a truly vegan product. However, we test our produce for non-animal specific protein and it’s a hundred percent clean. The industry practically forces companies like ours to pay thousands of dollars for a certification that can be misleading, and we believe it’s important that the public be made aware of this issue,” adds Paprocki. 

Lab Test Resultshttps://www.texasblackgoldgarlic.com/quality

Currently, these new products will be sold on the Texas Black Gold Garlic website, through the Pearl Farmers Market and exclusively through local distributor, FARM to TABLE.

For more information, please visit texasblackgoldgarlic.com

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