Chef Cooperatives Street Tacos & Shrimp Boil Social

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Chef Cooperatives Street Tacos & Shrimp Boil Social

Epic Event, Street Tacos & Shrimp Boil, to Help Yet Another Beloved Local Farm, Green Bexar Farm, by Chef Cooperatives

Another pop-up event by Chef Cooperatives to raise funds for local farm will be held November 3rd, 2019.

WHOSan Antonio’s Chef Cooperatives, a nonprofit comprised of well-known San Antonio chefs, has been instrumental in raising funds through their pop-up events to actively support the health and prosperity of South Central Texas farmers, ranchers and vintners, as well as the local communities. The Chefs have also been first responders, feeding these same communities during times of disaster.

WHATChef Cooperatives is thrilled to announce their next farm pop-up to be held at and to benefit local beyond organic farm, Green Bexar Farm, located in the Eastern part of Bexar County. 

Live old school country music provided by the Chad Boyd Band

Chef Cooperatives Street Tacos & Shrimp Boil

Green Bexar Farm, owned by husband and wife team, Cody and Natalie Scott, sits on a 10-acre pecan orchard, where besides pecans, they produce salad greens, micro greens, root vegetables and beautiful greenhouse tomatoes, which they sell at the Pearl Farmers Market and to local restaurants. 

Funds raised through this event will go towards building a store, learning center and wash and pack station, which will allow the farm to sell directly to the local community in Eastern Bexar County, which is situated in a food desert.

“This event will be the first time we’ve opened up our farm to the local community, and we’re excited to introduce ourselves and get to collaborate with the Chef Cooperatives to serve some really good food and display what we do here,” said Cody Scott.

“What’s interesting for us is we’ve helped so many farms in the past five years that it’s becoming a challenge to find local farms to help. That’s the goal, though, to support thriving independent farms in our local community, which connects farmers to chefs and the people of San Antonio in a much more organic and authentic way. It’s rewarding seeing our efforts come to fruition,” added Stephen Paprocki, President of Chef Cooperatives.  

Chef Cooperatives Street Tacos & Shrimp Boil


Sunday, November 3, 2019                    

1PM – 4PM


Green Bexar Farm

14997 FM 1346

Saint Hedwig, TX 78152


Chris Cook of Special Leaf 

Adrian Davila of Davila’s BBQ

Katrina Flores of San Antonio Botanical Garden

Michael Grimes of Southern Grit Flavor 

Jarrad Gwaltney of Boiler House 

Tatu Herrera of Folklores Coffee House

Ian Lanphear of Naibor

Teddy Liang of Alamo Biscuit Co.

Kerry Martin of Potluck Beverage Co.

Joseph Thadeus Martinez of Silo Prime

Shane McClellan of Dad’s Place

Michael Miller of Madge’s Food Company 

Fernando Ortega of ILOVEACEITE US Olive Oil Co.

Vanguelis Pablopulos of Petroleum Club

Stephen Paprocki of Texas Black Gold Garlic

Oscar Perez, Tio Pelon’s Salsita 

Toby Soto of Humo of San Antonio

Cheri White of Deep River Specialty Foods 

TICKETS: $55 per person – can be purchased online at:

For more information on the Chef Cooperatives, visit

Chef Cooperatives Street Tacos & Shrimp Boil

See menu below:

Family Style Dishes

~ Cochinita Pibil – Marinated Pork w/ Anchiote, Lime, Garlic, Onion, Coriander

~ Fresh Tortillas

~ Duo of Fresh, Grilled Salsas, Pecan Chimichurri

~ Pico, Goatilicious Queso

~ Special Leaf-Brined and Spit-Fired Whole Chickens

~ South Texas Shrimp Boil, Corn, Chorizo, Papas

~ Green Bexar Farm Tomatoes & Roasted Peppers

~ Green Bexar Farm Lettuces, Roasted Bell Pepper Vinny


Roasted Apple Goat Cheese Cheesecakes topped with Fire-Caramelized Pumpkin Mousse & Drizzled with Deep River Specialty Foods’ Brulee Sauce and Candied Pecan Crumble Shortbread Crust

Local Winery (sponsors)

Slate Mill Wine Collective featuring 1851 Vineyards: 2017 Trebbiano, 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016 Tempranillo 

Local Breweries (sponsors)

Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Co., makers of HighWheel, Real Ale Brewing Co., Oasis Brewery


Madge’s Fermented Foods, Michelada Bar, Cold Brew Nitro Coffee from Patricia Butler 

Additional Sponsors

Compost Queens, EdibleSA, Aurelia’s Chorizo, Coffeecionado, Dickies Seafood Copano Blue Shrimp, JJ and S Produce, M and T Rabbitry and Poultry, Ragels Ziegenhof Goat Cheese, Zazenberg Farms, Tio Pelon’s Salsita, Mission Restaurant Supply Co., Philly Seafood, ILOVEACEITE US Olive Oil Co.  

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