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Protelicious®, an innovative food brand which has been hugely successful in Asia, is set to revolutionize the U.S. market with the launch of its gourmet cold pressed, grass-fed whey protein concentrate powder blends, that are available on Kickstarter ( Co-founded by Sheila Partrat, a successful health and wellness entrepreneur, and Dr Jean-Francois Lesgards an internationally experienced and published biochemist specialized in oxidative stress, Protelicious® is expected to appeal to a broader U.S. audience, and not just fitness fanatics. Partrat and Lesgards are targeting active individuals, subject to the stresses of modern day lifestyles interested in a better way to reach fitness and health goals, without sacrificing taste or enjoyment. 

Sourced from grass-fed cows in New Zealand, Protelicious® is exceptionally clean, with no antibiotics or hormones, sugars or fillers and naturally offers a rich tasting, delicious yet guiltless experience. It combines the naturally occurring yet little known health benefits of clean high quality  whey-proteins, such as a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier, immune system and hormone and lean muscle mass support, along with the gourmet aspects of a great tasting drink. Available initially in three flavors, True Cocoa with Valrhona Cocoa, Freeze-Dried Strawberry and Naturally Unflavored (which can be mixed into both sweet and savory dishes), the company has high expectations for its success in the U.S. market.

PROTELICIOUS whey protein

“Grass-fed cold processed whey protein is one of the most easily digested and absorbed sources of protein”, explains Partrat. “It has an excellent amino acid profile, including a very high ratio of essential amino acids which is crucial for a healthy body. When we enjoy Protelicious® regularly, our bodies simply perform, feel and look better. It provides our bodies’ what we need most every day, in greatest supply, yet is hardest to come by, clean absorbable high-quality protein which all our body systems are dependent on, not just bones and muscles,”  Partrat adds.

Protelicious® has only three ingredients – whey protein concentrate, natural gourmet flavors and organic stevia. Unlike other proteins, it also doesn’t have preservatives, fillers, added sugar, gluten or GMO. Additionally, cold processing allows the proteins to retain all of its potent health benefits, which is what most significantly differentiates Protelicious® whey from any other products on the market. The powerful detox, antioxidant and immune building properties of Protelicious® proprietary whey protein blends make it the basis of no-compromise health vs tasty treat.

PROTELICIOUS whey protein

Sourced from grass-fed cows located in New Zealand, Protelicious® provides the highest quality whey to support consumer’s wellbeing, with benefits including, but not limited to:

·  Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity

·  Detox

·  Immune system support

·  Intestinal Comfort

·  Supports Muscle Recovery and Synthesis

·  Protect against Sarcopenia

·  Regulates sleep cycles 

·  Fights stress

·  Supports weight loss or gain

·  Regulates blood sugar

·  Prevents cardiovascular diseases

Partrat believes that Protelicious® fills a real void in the protein marketplace, bringing benefits from the fitness sector to the breakfast or snack table of the active individuals subject to the stresses of modern day living and looking for a daily ally to increase wellness.  Partrat points to its overwhelming success in in Hong Kong which includes a high percentage of repeat customers to the online store, being featured in some of the top rated hotel menus such as the Mandarin Oriental, amongst other big names. 

PROTELICIOUS whey protein

“Our extensive research clearly shows the health benefits of our whey protein at a time when the U.S. population is increasingly dealing with adverse environmental conditions. Daily stress and sub-optimal quality of food can ultimately translate to poor health,” explains Partrat. “Proper nutrition is one of the most important factors of living a healthy life and clean high quality, cold processed whey protein is an often overlooked yet it can serve as a powerful daily support. We are proud that Protelicious® can contribute to health, wellness and exceptional nutrition. Our unique blend makes any drink or food a smooth and creamy guiltless treat, without the unnecessary chalky flavor presents, which you commonly find in many other whey proteins,” Partrat notes. 

Protelicious® is making its U.S. debut via Kickstarter ( with the goal of raising $20,000 over the next 45 days.  Following its launch on Kickstarter, the company intends to make the brand available via Amazon this fall as well as through major retailers in 2020.  Consumers can purchase Protelicious® on for the suggested retail price of $75.00 for a 2 pound bag, which is approximately a 1 month supply of a 25 gram serving. 

PROTELICIOUS whey protein

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About Protelicious®

Protelicious® Ltd is a Hong Kong-based innovative food brand company, producing gourmet whey protein powder blends from premium quality, cold processed whey protein concentrate.  Quality drives us because we know that’s what translates into the health benefits in our customers. Our signature grass-fed whey protein is sourced from a New Zealand based global leader in dairy, then is packaged and blended with select gourmet quality flavoring ingredients by a leading, pharmaceutical grade and award-winning, NZ based manufacturer.

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