Guadalupe Academy Student Mateo Lopez Comes Back to SA

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Guadalupe Academy Student Mateo Lopez Comes Back to SA

Mateo Lopez, a Guadalupe Mariachi Academy Student, Returns to San Antonio after Participating in “México Tiene Talento”

Guadalupe Mariachi Academy student Mateo Lopez returns to his home of San Antonio, Texas after participating in “México Tiene Talento” for the summer.

“When Mateo was asked to be part of ‘México Tiene Talento’ we were filled with mixed emotions and questions. Was Mateo ready to compete on a global stage at the age of 4 against adults in a country where mariachi music was born? How were the people of Mexico going to react to him and his passion for mariachi music?” said Albert Lopez, Mateo Lopez’s father.

Guadalupe Academy

“Well, Mateo had something for the people of México. He took the judges and the people of México by storm. After making it through the first round, he got the golden buzzer and was able to make it to the grand finale where only 12 were left standing. Mateo has always said that he likes singing because it makes people happy. This is his legacy, his dreams and what he truly loves to do.”

Gino Rivera, Director of Traditional Music at the Guadalupe Academy, has been teaching Lopez since January of 2019 but says his love for mariachi music began in the womb. Lopez’s sister, Ariella Lopez, also attends violin classes at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center and Mateo, surrounded by the music, caught on quickly.

“The music is inside of all of us. It takes resources like the Guadalupe to unlock those hidden talents and love for music they didn’t realize they have,” says Rivera. 

“Some students may not speak Spanish or understand it, but that’s ok because they already love it and that was the case with Mateo.”

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center offers classes and workshops for learners of all ages for violin, guitar, accordion, guitarrón, vihuela, bajo sexto, trumpet, piano, voice, music theory and arranging class, as well as Folklorico and Flamenco dance.  Fall classes begin Monday, September 9.

Classes are offered in the Galería Guadalupe located at 723 South Brazos St. and feature several studio spaces dedicated to educational programs. Our students are given opportunities to participate in recitals, public performances and become part of the Guadalupe art community.

For more information, contact Belinda Menchaca, Director of Education, at or call (210) 271-3151.

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