5 Easy Low- Calorie Cocktail Recipes from Keel Vodka

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5 Easy Low- Calorie Cocktail Recipes from Keel Vodka

Keel Vodka Shares Low -Calorie Recipes for Warm Weather

With the temperature rising, refreshing cocktails are just what is needed for those gorgeous sunny afternoons and warm evenings. KEEL Vodka has five under 100-calorie cocktail must-haves that won’t skimp on taste. The best part is that this lighter, premium low ABV (23.8%) vodka has zero carbs and is only 58 calories a serving.

Here’s a look at the latest 100-calorie cocktails ideas you are going to love!

KEEL Classic:

  •         2 oz KEEL Vodka
  •         Rocks
  •         Squeeze of your favorite fruit (lemon, lime or orange)

(Approximately 78 calories)

KEEL Vojito:

Low- Calorie Keel Vodka
  •          1.5 oz KEEL Vodka
  •          4 Mint leaves
  •          1 oz Lime Juice
  •          ½ package of Stevia

In a Collins glass, muddle mint and Lime Juice.  Next add KEEL Vodka and stevia.  Give a quick stir to combine then add ice.  Lastly, top with soda water and give a final stir before serving. 

(Approximately 65 Calories)

Mermaid Lemonade:

Low- Calorie Keel Vodka
  •          1.5 KEEL Vodka
  •         3 oz. organic lemonade
  •          2 dashes orange bitters
  •          Top with a few drops of butterfly tea

Combine all ingredients, except for the butterfly tea in a tall glass. Add ice and give a quick stir. Just before serving, float a few drops of blue hibiscus on top of the ice to initiate a beautiful color changing effect.

(Approximately 90 calories.)

New Mule:

Low- Calorie Keel Vodka
  •          1.5 oz KEEL Vodka
  •          3 oz Ginger Kombucha
  •          .25 oz agave
  •          Squeeze of Lemon

Build in a glass and serve over ice, stir, and serve with a lime wheel.

(Approximately 90 calories)

KEEL Spritz:

Low- Calorie Keel Vodka
  •          1.5 oz KEEL Vodka
  •          .75 oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
  •          1 oz Aperol
  •          2 drops vanilla extract
  •          Top with soda water here

Fill a wine glass with ice and combine all ingredients except for sparkling wine. Give a quick stir and top with bubbles.

(Approximately 95 calories)

About Keel Vodka

We believe that when you know what you’re drinking, you own your experience. Whether sipping all day or enjoying at night, we created KEEL with your individual spirit in mind.

We crafted KEEL to provide balance, so you can enjoy the now without sacrificing the later. A lighter vodka means staying at the party longer, enjoying the company you’re with and not feeling regretful the next day. At 23.8%, KEEL has just the right amount of alcohol, crafted for those who choose to stay balanced.

KEEL Vodka is the first premium light spirit that is refreshingly smooth with just the right amount of calories, taste, and alcohol so it is easy to drink straight or on the rocks. KEEL is 23.8% ABV, 0 sugar, 0 carbs, Gluten Free, and only 58 calories per 1.5 oz. serving.

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