The Helicopter Heist, a Novel Based on True Events

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The Helicopter Heist, a Novel Based on True Events

This Novel by Jonas Bonnier, The Helicopter Heist, is Based on True Events and is Soon To Be a Netflix Film

On September 23, 2009, the world watched men in a helicopter break through the roof of a highly secure cash depot in Sweden and fly off with millions in stolen cash. Incredibly, nobody was hurt – but the money has never been recovered. Based on his extensive interviews with the robbers, who otherwise have refused to speak about the crime, Jonas Bonnier’s THE HELICOPTER HEIST (May 28, 2019; Other Press Paperback Original; ISBN: 978-159051-950-9; translated by Alice Menzies) is a delightful, ripped-from-reality novelization of one of the biggest heists in Swedish history. With right already sold in over 30 territories and an upcoming Netflix adaptation starring Jake Gylienhaal planned and the Oscar-nominated Steven Knight to write the script, this thrilling novel with a heartfelt core is perfect for fans of movies like Ocean’s 11 and The Italian Job.

Genres: Fiction, Thriller

First published in 2017, The Helicopter Heist, is inspired by the true story of four young Swedes who pulled off one of the most spectacular heists of all time. The men behind the daylight robbery were imprisoned, but the $6.5M they stole has never been recovered.

The Helicopter Heist
The Helicopter Heist coming to Netflix

This daring real-life crime planned by four men happened in broad daylight in Stockholm. Each man had his own part in the heist, but none knew the whole plan. The book tells the story of each man’s life, why he was brought into the fold and his part in the heist. There’s Sami, a former petty thief who is trying to live a more lawful life with his wife and young children, but when a promising business deal goes bad, he becomes determined to repay everyone who had invested, no matter the cost to himself, Niklas, recently released from prison is still haunted by images of his old life, but doesn’t hesitate to join this, or any, venture. The stoic, imperturbable Michel, whose family fled a bloody civil war in Lebanon only to land in a crime-ridden suburb of Stockholm, is trying to get away from the criminal life, but legitimate opportunities keep falling apart. And then there’s Zoran, a businessman who seems to know everyone in the criminal underbelly and is always looking for the next score. As you meet these men, you slowly start to quietly hope they can pull this robbery off, whether it’s because of the insurmountable obstacles they face to pull off the plan or because you have come to know them personally.

The Helicopter Heist is a novel for both fiction and non-fiction readers like. And it gives its readers a surprise ending that will leave the them speculating!

The Helicopter Heist

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Jonas Bonnier is a screenwriter and journalist as well as a novelist. He was the CEO & President of the Bonnier Group from 2008 to 2014. Bonnier lives with his wife and two children in Miami.

Alice Menzies holds a master of arts in Translation Theory and Practice from University College London, specializing in the Scandinavian languages. She lives in London.

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