Compost Queens of San Antonio Work to Save the Earth

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Compost Queens of San Antonio Work to Save the Earth

Saving the Earth One Bucket at a Time Thanks to Compost Queens of San Antonio

Compost Queens is the first and only company in San Antonio dedicated to closing the food cycle from table to earth by offering curbside composting services that anaerobically transform the city’s food waste, both residential and commercial, into nutrient rich soil for local farms and gardens, such as Talking Tree Farm and Roots of Change Community Garden.

Mother and daughter team, Betsy Wunderlick Gruy and Kate Jaceldo, both passionate advocates of building a sustainable system for our planet’s future generations, started the company in 2017 and have been “growing” ever since.

Using a unique all-natural Japanese method called Bokashi, the Compost Queens are able to divert tons of food waste from landfills, reducing the methane that is released into the atmosphere, a key contributing factor of climate change.

Compost Queens of San Antonio

“We have diverted 200,000 pounds of San Antonio’s food waste from landfills to local farms since the launch of our company. That’s pretty amazing,” said Kate. 

Pharm Table was the first restaurant in town to use their services, and now other restaurants are looking to follow this environmentally-conscious trend. However, in order to keep up with demand, Compost Queens is currently in need of a box truck. 

They are calling on their friends and community for support in this effort by launching a fundraising campaign on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

To kick-off the Kickstarter campaign, they will be throwing a launch party at Dorcol Distilling + Brewing on Thursday, July 25th, starting at 6:30 pm.  
Kickstarter Launch Party (event page):

Here’s the link to their recently launched Kickstarter Campaign:

Compost Queens of San Antonio

In more exciting news, Compost Queens recently partnered with the San Antonio Housing Authority and the Alamo Community College District and their farmer at Eco Centro to provide compost for a new urban farm on the Eastside called Garcia St. Farm, which will allow Compost Queens to process a much larger volume.

 This synergistic relationship will open up new opportunities for all involved. It’s the largest urban farm in San Antonio and will have educational and market gardens, along with opportunities for the community to have access to healthy food and learn sustainable agricultural practices. 

Forward-thinking folks can now find Compost Queens at the Pearl Farmers Market every Saturday. For more information, please visit or email

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