La Panaderia Hangover Free National Tequila Day Celebration

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La Panaderia Hangover Free National Tequila Day Celebration

Want to Celebrate National Tequila Day Without a Hangover – Go to La Panaderia

For those looking to celebrate National Tequila Day on July 24 without that wicked next-day hangover, San Antonio-based bakery La Panadería is offering a trio of delectable tequila croissants. Owners and brothers, David and Jose Cáceres, will be serving up a family of tequila pastries including their classic Tequila Almond Croissant, the Tequila Tres Leches Croissant, and their latest creation, the Tequila Apple Croissant, which is La Panadería’s answer to the traditional apple pie. La Panadería’s unique approach to breadmaking includes a 48-hour fermentation process and a double baking technique that results in artisan baked goods unlike any other, making it the ultimate National Tequila Day stop. 

  • Tequila Almond Croissant – Prior to the opening of their flagship bakery, Chef David Cáceres was experimenting with the traditional almond croissant recipe. Noticing that he didn’t have rum handy, David reached for a bottle of 1800 Reposado Tequila and the rest is history. The Tequila Almond Croissant is now one of the bakery’s staples.
La Panaderia Tequila Day
Photo credit: Karissa Rangel & Giant Noise
  • Tequila Tres Leches Croissant – Inspired by the culture shared by San Antonio and their native Mexico, David Cáceres decided to combine the flavors of tres leches and their Tequila Almond Croissant to create the Tequila Tres Leches Croissant. The delectable treat is served with a filling of fresh mascarpone whipped cream and strawberries and topped with a dusting of powdered sugar.
  • Tequila Apple Croissant – The latest product to join the tequila croissant family is the Tequila Apple Croissant. The treat is La Panadería’s answer to the traditional apple pie. The croissant is served with a filling of caramelized apples and topped off with a crumble. 
La Panaderia Tequila Day


Hoping to share their Mexican heritage with citizens in the U.S., José and David Cáceres opened La Panadería in San Antonio, Texas in 2014. The bakery, which specializes in handmade bread, pan dulce and pastries inspired by Mexico’s Golden Era, or Epoca de Oro, also draws influence from French, Italian and American breadmaking techniques. La Panadería’s unique approach to breadmaking includes a minimum 48-hour fermentation process that results in artisan bread and pastries unlike any other. La Panadería has two locations in San Antonio, Texas. Please visit for additional information.

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