Maybelle’s Donuts at the Pearl is Celebrating Ice Cream

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Maybelle’s Donuts at the Pearl is Celebrating Ice Cream

National Ice Cream Day is July 21st and Maybelle’s Donuts is Ready

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Maybelle’s Donuts! In honor of National Ice Cream Day, Maybelle’s Donuts in Pearl’s Bottling Department will have a special you “donut” want to miss! For $5 guests can have any donut of their choice topped with delicious soft serve ice cream. Donuts flavors include chocolate sea salt, original glazed, and a seasonal filled donut. The special will only be available on National Ice Cream Day Sunday, July 21 while supplies last. 

About Maybelle’s Donuts

Maybelle's Donuts Ice Cream Day

Jeremy Mandrell, Anne Ng and Charlie Biedenharn, co-founders of San Antonio’s beloved Bakery Lorraine, have teamed up again to bring artisan donuts to Pearl. After launching the bakery in 2012, the trio wanted to create an assortment of fried dough confections, from donuts to fried pies. Anne and Jeremy, who are pastry chefs by trade, were eager to make their mark on the donut world. The name Maybelle is a memorial to Charlie’s late dog of 14 years. Maybelle was adopted on the Yavapai reservation in 2001 as a stray puppy, and lived a life filled with adventure and decadent treats, (often “people food”). When working on a name for the new donut endeavor, the trio felt it was all too fitting that this donut shop bear the namesake of a great dog and a wonderful friend.

Maybelle's Donuts Ice Cream Day

About Bottling Department

Bottling Department’s food hall is built on the original site of the brewery’s bottling department, which turned out beer bottles even before the Pearl name was adopted in 1886. Beer was bottled there until 1999 and the brewery shut its doors in 2001. In 2004, a fire destroyed the building, the corner stones and stone name plate were salvaged and the original design acted as inspiration for the new building. Today, Bottling Department upholds the Pearl tradition by serving as a location for the next generation of quality culinary experiences and products.

Maybelle's Donuts Ice Cream Day

Our vendors are a unique mix that reflect the spirit of Pearl: emerging, local chefs who are bringing new ideas and flavors to life as well as established culinary professionals offering a creative spin on traditional fare. They are the heart and soul of San Antonio’s rich and growing reputation as a culinary destination, and their mix of ingredients, tastes and styles all combine to create a community united by culture and rooted in well-crafted, high-quality food.

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