Cereal Killer Sweets to Open Cereal Bar in Downtown

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Cereal Killer Sweets to Open Cereal Bar in Downtown

San Antonio’s Only Cereal Bar, Cereal Killer Sweets, Plans Opening in Downtown this August

There’s a fun new place opening in downtown San Antonio where you will soon be able to enjoy a whopping bowl of specially-prepared cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Cereal Killer Sweets will soon be relocating their sweets shop to a downtown location coming this August. Currently, they offer gourmet novelty cereal treats, dubbed “Cereal Killers,” candies and more, but even sweeter things are on their way.

For the crazed cereal lover in all of us, owner Megan Morales has decided to take Cereal Killer Sweets up a notch by opening up San Antonio’s only cereal bar!

Cereal Killer Sweets cereal bar

The new space will be a unique place to bring friends and family from morning to night to enjoy a bowl of their favorite cereal – with 5,000 combinations to choose from.

“It’s going to be an awesome alternative to a traditional bar or coffee shop! We want it to be a space where the whole community, including the LGBTQ community, can relax and just be a kid again,” says Megan. 

A variety of craft coffees, teas, juices and other options will be available as well. Programming will include Saturday morning cartoons, open mic nights and yoga to start. 

Cereal Killer Sweets cereal bar

Cereal Killer Sweets recently launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign which will help with the build out of the space. Rewards include everything from cereal treats and bowls to T-shirts and an epic pajama party!

Those interested in backing this killer venture can check out the Kickstarter here, which will run for two and a half more weeks, ending on July 17th, 2019:


Megan hopes the community rallies around this new concept. She’s already been bringing San Antonio more smiles with her sweets, and there’s no doubt she’ll do the same with her bowls! 

Cereal Killer Sweets cereal bar

For more information on Cereal Killer Sweets, please visit cerealkillersweets.com or facebook.com/cerealkillersweets or call 210.753.2032. 

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