The Rustic is Celebrating 4th of July with Drink the Flag

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The Rustic is Celebrating 4th of July with Drink the Flag

4th of July at The Rustic Raises Funds & Awareness for PTSD Foundation of America USA Camp Hope

The Rustic is raising funds and awareness for PTSD Foundation of America USA Camp Hope in their mission to provide interim housing for wounded warriors, veterans and their families suffering from combat related PTSD in a caring and positive environment. When you purchase a beer for the flag, you will get to select your desired donation amount (minimum donation is $5). In addition, all U.S. military attendees will receive a complimentary Rustic burger.

Come enjoy live music all day long!
1:00-2:30pm Steven Curd
3:00-5:00pm Madelyn Victoria

The Rustic 4th of July


The Rustic 4th of July

BEERS for the Flag:

  • Amber Pecos (Texas Beer Co)
  • Miller Lite
  • Native Texan (Independence Brewing Co)
    Come out, and let’s Drink The Flag for a good cause!
The Rustic 4th of July

About PTSD USA Camp Hope:
Warrior Groups are fellowships for combat veterans and their families to share their experiences, testimonies of healing, compassion and hope in overcoming the invisible wounds of war. Participants are required to be military combat veterans or family members of those who have served in combat and be willing to face the challenges of managing post-traumatic stress and related conditions.

This is not a treatment program, but rather a peer coaching and support program whose primary purpose is helping combat veterans find healing, balance and positive re-integration with their families and in society. In addition, The Warrior Family Support Groups exist to assist family members (spouse, parent, sibling, child, caretaker, etc.) of PTSD sufferers in understanding and healing from.

PTSD Foundation of America is committed to helping combat veterans suffering with PTSD find acceptance and healing for the invisible wounds of war. We have and continue to expand a network of individuals, churches, and other organizations to provide a “corps of compassion” in order to assist veterans and their families in dealing with the symptoms of PTSD. To the veterans and loved ones, Thank You for Your Service, Welcome Home and know that You Are Not Alone! You do not have to continue to carry the burdens of war on your own…we are here to help!

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