Whiskey Cake Debuts Country-Style Inspired Brunch Items

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Whiskey Cake Debuts Country-Style Inspired Brunch Items

Four New Brunch Items Inspired by Country-Style Weekend Breakfasts with a Twist Now at Whiskey Cake

Sausage Egg ‘WcMuffin,’ Turkey Chili, The Local Board and ‘The Cure’ Give Diners a Fresh Take on Familiar, First-Meal Favorites!

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar, the neighborhood restaurant known for its farm-to-kitchen menu, has unveiled four new brunch items paying homage to hearty weekend breakfasts, but with a distinctive Whiskey Cake twist. 

“In developing these new menu items, I really tried to find the balance between creating something new while maintaining a touchstone back to the country-style weekend breakfasts that I grew up with,” said Aaron Staudenmaier, Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar concept chef.  “Like so much of Whiskey Cake, the idea isn’t to design new foods from scratch, it’s about finding ways to recreate the dishes that people are deeply connected to in a new, fun and interesting way.”

The new brunch dishes include:

  • Sausage Egg “WcMuffin”– A slow cooked version of the fast-food favorite made with a hot, fresh English muffin, a sunny side up local egg and grilled sausage topped with American cheese and avocado slices and served with a side of fresh fruit 
Whiskey Cake brunch
  • The Local Board  – A dinner menu favorite now available for brunch, this ever-changing, ultra-fresh dish is a bountiful offering of in-season bites and housemade favorites such as candied bacon, artisan cheeses, avocado, jam varieties, English Muffins and local eggs.
Whiskey Cake brunch
  • Turkey Chili  – Farm-raised turkey simmered with flavorful spices, topped with shredded white cheddar and paprika sour cream and finished with fresh avocado and corn chips. 
Whiskey Cake brunch
  • The Cure  – This brunch dish delivers the best of all food groups with generous portions of Mesquite-flour waffles, housemade sausage, Duroc pit ham, bacon, American cheese and maple syrup. 
Whiskey Cake brunch

Brunch menu items are available now and brunch is served every weekend from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

About Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar 
Whiskey Cake was born with the belief that local is a place as much as it is a way of eating. This neighborhood restaurant provides a well-curated and thoughtful approach to its farm-to-kitchen menu. Everything is inspired by local ingredients available each season, including the spirited garden-to-glass cocktails. Each Whiskey Cake chef practices slow-cooking methods and sources from the best vendors possible while creating an approachable, but creative menu. The bar program is as thoughtful as the onsite garden using farm fresh ingredients, hand-pressed juices and more. 350 whiskey brands are available as well as micro-brewed beers and carefully selected wines on tap. For more information, please visit www.whiskeycake.comor get social with them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whiskeycake/or on Instagram using the handles @whiskeycakeplano  @whiskeycaketampa  

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