My European Taste Experience Campaign Box Has Arrived

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My European Taste Experience Campaign Box Has Arrived

6 Delectable French Breakfast Items Arrive in the Mail for European Taste Campaign

How lucky can one gal be to receive a box in the mail of 6 gourmet French food products. My box contains items that are great for breakfast/brunch or a fun picnic to a special summer spot.

European Taste Experience

Put together by The French Food and Drink Federation (ANIA) in conjunction with the European Union, the European Taste Experience was set up to create awareness for the variety of European products available in the U. S. By telling Americans about these products and sometimes showcasing their uses, consumers are better able to incorporate them into their recipes and lifestyles.

If you have ever traveled to or lived in a different country and walked into a food market, you know how intimidating different foods can be. If you aren’t familiar with them, you are fearful of spending money on them. But when you break bread in a local’s house your eyes are opened to a new “taste experience”. Then once you know how to use the product and what it tastes like, you are ready to start a culinary adventure around it.

So I am here to create a culinary adventure around some wonderful French food products. A food journey I hope you will enjoy as much as I am going to enjoy tasting and telling you about the products. You see, I am a true foodie who loves to eat, drink and tell my friends & readers about what I get to experience. What a job, right! My hope is that you will see something new that interests you and you will want to try it also. Bon Appetit!

My box of goodies included:

European Taste Experience
  • Les Comtes De Provence Organic Raspberry Fruit Spread
  • Sur les Quais Mustard with Truffles
  • Henaff Pork Liver Confit with Black Peppercorn
  • Connétable Skinless & Boneless Wild Caught Sardines in Pure Olive Oil
  • Abtey Chocolatier Milk and White Chocolate Praline Filled Chocolates
  • Vichy Pastilles French Mints

This box has all the makings of a delicious meal, whether you are planning a brunch/breakfast with family or friends or wanting to get outdoors for a picnic at the lake. All you have to do is add a few simple ingredients plus a nice wine, champagne, juice or cocktail and you are done. For the home brunch use your favorite tableware and add some flowers. For the picnic, put together a basket plus a blanket tucked inside with the food and you are good to go.

Since it’s summer, I am taking the picnic route.

European Taste Experience

Les Comtes De Provence Organic Raspberry Fruit Spread is made with 64% top quality organic fruit, organic cane sugar and is cooked in a cauldron. This jam is lower in sugar and contains no artificial colors, flavor enhancers, preservatives or GMOs. Jam has become an emblem of French culture, pairing with “French toast”. The Haute-Provence region of France is called the “Land of Scents and Flavors” because of its production of fruits, lavender and aromatic plants. For nearly 25 years, the AGRO’NOVAE company has been located there, using local fruit in all of its culinary creations. Since 1986, “Les Comtes de Provence”, the featured brand of AGRO’NOVAE, tells the story of Haute-Provence through its super premium jams. This juicy jam has a vibrant flavor just right for spreading on a lightly toasted English Muffin.

European Taste Experience

The SUR LES QUAIS Mustard with truffle juice is truly flavor in a tube. The finest traditional French mustards are enhanced with truffles making it a delicious accompaniment for red meat or a charcuterie plate. SUR LES QUAIS is a gourmet fine food brand founded by people with a passion for travel and beautiful, delicious food. SUR LES QUAIS fine foods, unanimously acclaimed by food lovers, are available in the most prestigious outlets in France and around the world. This condiment packs easily for the picnic and just a squeeze gives my charcuterie plate robust flavor.

European Taste Experience

Henaff Pork Liver Confit with Black Peppercorn is made up of pork – pork liver, Cognac, salt, pepper and black pepper.They use no coloring or preservatives. You can taste the difference in this rich and creamy all natural product. Henaff is based in Brittany and family owned and operated since its founding in 1907. They make this confit from the freshest locally raised pork using only the best parts of the pig like the hams and fillets. Hénaff is the only French pork producer authorized by the USDA to export to the US. Henaff Pork Liver Confit with Black Peppercorn is best served chilled and spread over a crusty baguette. What a delicious treat!

Connétable Skinless & Boneless Wild Caught Sardines in Pure Olive Oil are, in my opinion, the best sardines you can find. Open a can and be seduced by their flavor, eat them and be rewarded with healthy goodness! Connétable is the oldest sardine cannery in the world, still in operation since 1853. Their sardines are fished at the peak of the fishing season then freshly delivered to the cannery where they are inspected for quality. The cannery uses sustainable fishing practices. And if that weren’t enough kudos for these sardines, you should know these wonderful fish are truly healthy being a great source of Omega 3, rich in calcium, vitamin D & B 12 as well as rich in minerals, phosphorus and magnesium. Plop them atop a crisp rice cracker and enjoy!

European Taste Experience

Abtey Chocolatier Milk and White Chocolate Praline Filled Chocolates are fine chocolates produced in Alsace, France. Best known for their French premium liqueur-filled chocolates for three generations, these high-quality chocolates are made from 100% cocoa butter. Their liquor filled chocolates use only famous brands like: Remy Martin, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Label 5 and others.They make only the highest quality chocolate and are available in 35 countries worldwide. These chocolates were smooth, rich and creamy with a delicious hazelnut filling. Perfect bite-size sweet after this meal.

European Taste Experience

Vichy Pastilles French Mints made in Vichy, France were the perfect ending to my picnic feast. These Mints are known throughout France for being tasty and super minty. Just what you will want after the sardines! And believe it or not, these Mints actually have extracts of Vichy waters in them, an ingredient that is known for aiding in digestion. Just what I need after this rich meal! Each white octagon shaped Mint provides not only fresh breath but is super delicious. I was glad I stuck them in my picnic basket! Tip: keep them in your briefcase, purse, car or anywhere you might need a quick refresher!

European Taste Experience

So this concludes our culinary adventure. If you see anything you like here, I do hope you will look for it in your favorite store or online. #EuropeanTaste #EnjoyItsFromEurope

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

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