It’s the Weisser Spargel Fest in Plano at Bavarian Grill

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It’s the Weisser Spargel Fest in Plano at Bavarian Grill

The Bavarian Grill Celebrates Spargelzeit from Now Through June

German culinary enthusiasts get excited for one traditional ingredient to cook with every spring: white asparagus. Bavarian Grill restaurant celebrates the beginning of Spargelzeit, or “white asparagus time,” with their annual Spargel Fest from late-April through June. 

The history of white asparagus originates from the German countryside. In Germany, residents make their way to farmers’ markets and roadside stands for the prized crop every spring. Prime asparagus-growing regions even have white asparagus routes mapped out for travelers wanting to sample the delicacy in restaurants and on farms. White asparagus, also known as “white gold” and “the queen of vegetables,” warrants festivals all throughout Germany to celebrate its harvest every year.

Bavarian Grill sticks to its roots by offering this seasonal cuisine soon after white asparagus is harvested. The restaurant’s Spargel grows in Holland, near the German border, and is purchased from the Amsterdam Vegetable Market. The vegetable is shipped from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, then reaches its final destination at Bavarian Grill. 

Bavarian Grill Weisser Spargel Fest
Bavarian Grill in Plano

Juergen Mahneke, founder and owner of Bavarian Grill, wanted to bring the annual German tradition to the restaurant as a way to spread more German culture to the North Texas community.

“Our entire staff counts down the days to when the ‘white gold’ arrives,” said Mahneke. “Our guests and friends count down the days, too. They drive in from all over Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and beyond to enjoy the ‘real’ white asparagus grown and harvested in Holland. It’s a treat for us to add to our culinary offerings and we know our guests feel the same.” 

Bavarian Grill has just celebrated 25 years of business in Plano and is a treat in itself to visit.  If you like beer, they have over 60 German biers – along with local favorites. They have been ranked the highest rated German restaurant in Texas by the ZAGAT survey for 12 consecutive years. 

Spargel, or white asparagus, is softer than its green counterpart and has a subtle, more delicate flavor. Bavarian Grill uses the “white gold” in a variety of appetizers, sides and entrees, including:

  • König Ludwig Schnitzel – A guest favorite, pan-seared Schnitzel is topped with spears of white asparagus and a velvety lemon-sauce hollandaise. The dish is served with boiled, parsley new potatoes on the side. 
  • Weisser Spargel Kreme Suppe – A must-have starter, the creamy white asparagus soup is the soup of the day every day during Spargel season.
  • Weisser Spargel Salat mit Brötchen – Chilled white asparagus marinated in a light parsley vinaigrette, garnished with a chopped hard-boiled egg.
  • Geräuchertem und gekochtem Schinken – Chilled white asparagus spears wrapped with black forest and Westphalian hams, with light parsley vinaigrette and low-fat creamy fresh herb sauce to dip.

Can’t make it to the Bavarian Grill in Plano this year for the Spargel Fest? Buy some White Asparagus and make these recipes at home. And these spears are pre-peeled and cooked!

Here are a few cooking tips and recipes so you to enjoy this delicious asparagus at home:

Cooking White Asparagus
The most important thing to remember when cooking white asparagus is that it must be peeled. The skin is very tough and stringy, so you will want to peel it before adding the white asparagus to any recipe.
1 bunch of white asparagus
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon white pepper
2 tablespoons lemon juice
½ cup sugar
½ cup butter

How to cook:

  1. Peel white asparagus from just under the tips to the foot of each spear, reserving the peels to the side.
  2. Cut off the bottom ½ inch of the white asparagus foot, reserving the cut pieces to the side with the reserved peels.
  3. Fill a stock pot big enough to hold the spears ¾ of the way with water.
  4. Add the reserved peels and feet, salt, white pepper, lemon juice, sugar and butter to the pot and bring to a boil.
  5. Place spears in a colander standing upright with the tips at the top and submerge the colander and spears into the boiling water mixture until the tips are just sticking out at the top of the water line. Note: Leaving tips out of the water allows them to gently steam and keeps the delicate flavor.
  6. Cook white asparagus spears until tender. Note: Cooking time is determined by the thickness of the spears. This ranges from less than 10 minutes to 30 minutes or longer.
  7. Serve immediately with boiled new potatoes and drawn butter or chill the spears.

White Asparagus Recipes
Here are a few white asparagus recipes Bavarian grill recommends:

Bavarian Grill Weisser Spargel Fest
Geräuchertem und gekochtem Schinken

Chilled white asparagus can make for a delicious appetizer when paired with slices of your favorite meats. Once chilled, wrap each white asparagus spear in a slice of ham, prosciutto, smoked salmon or another thinly-sliced meat. Try white asparagus wrapped in black forest and Westphalian hams with herbed dipping sauces on the side or white asparagus wrapped in cured, house-smoked salmon with Hollandaise sauce at Bavarian Grill.

Bavarian Grill Weisser Spargel Fest
Weisser Spargel Kreme Suppe

This must-have white asparagus starter is sure to impress your family and friends at your next gathering. After cooking your white asparagus, save the cooking water by straining out the solid pieces. The liquid will be used as the base for a creamy white asparagus soup. Melt ½ cup butter in a new pot, then add ¾ cup flour until mixed (stir constantly so the mixture does not burn). Once smooth, add white asparagus liquid base to the mixture and simmer until thickened, approximately 15 minutes. Add 1 cup heavy cream and continue simmering 2-3 more minutes. Cut cooked spears into 1-inch pieces and add cut pieces to the soup. Bavarian Grill’s creamy white asparagus soup is available as the soup of the day every day during Weisser Spargelfest.

For more white asparagus menu items, please visit

White asparagus will be served for a limited time as it is available throughout the spring. Don’t miss out on the delicacy and try one of the many white asparagus dishes at Bavarian Grill now through June 31, 2019.

Bavarian Grill offers authentic Southern German cuisine with a large variety of German beers and wines. The restaurant recently celebrated 25 years of business in the Plano community. For more information, please visit

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