Davila’s, a Texas Vaquero Style BBQ Joint Celebrates 60 Years

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Davila’s, a Texas Vaquero Style BBQ Joint Celebrates 60 Years

National BBQ Day Special Happening at Davila’s BBQ to Celebrate 60 Years

Although Texas BBQ might sound common with BBQ joints doing similar smoked meats and sides, there is also a unique style of grilling and smoking in South Texas where the traditional vaquero (cowboy) style comes into play. Adrian Davila, third generation pitmaster and owner of Davila’s BBQ, has been taught these methods by his grandfather and father. His barbacoa techniques incorporates Latin ingredients, smoking meats directly on the embers, underground on a pit, and more.

Davila's BBQ

The restaurant has been making traditional Latin American and vaquero style dishes for 60 years (celebrating their anniversary this year in 2019), including ribs and sausages that have been passed down from generation to generation. In a small and old city in South Texas – Seguin – Adrian’s grandfather, Raul Davila, learned how to butcher and make sausages at a meat processing plant. Based on his experience as a butcher and his family roots of vaquero cuisine, he first opened the Davila’s BBQ in an old abandoned school house in 1959. Adrian continues the legacy using passed down recipes keeping culinary ties of Mexico and Texas. At Davila’s BBQ, homemade tortillas are used to eat with BBQ instead of Texas toast, like the old vaqueros would use around a firepit, and spicy BBQ sauce with cayenne pepper can be added to your brisket instead of sweet BBQ sauce.

Davila's BBQ

In honor of the restaurant’s 60th Anniversary, Davila’s BBQ will celebrate on National BBQ Day (May 16) with 60 cent brisket tacos on May 16 between 5 to 7 p.m. For each brisket taco purchase, each customer will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win FREE BBQ for one entire year. (Please note that there is a limit of two tacos per person. BBQ for one year entails a BBQ combo meal at Davila’s once each week. Alcohol does not apply.)

In addition, Adrian Davila has been nationally recognized through his family-owned restaurant Davila’s BBQ in Seguin, TX, and has created a specialty South Texas and Latin-inspired cookbook, Cowboy Barbecue, to honor his family and share recipes featuring vaquero flavor. Cowboy Barbecue has been featured on the Today Show, The Washington Post, and Texas Monthly as one of the “Best Barbecue Books Yet This Year” in 2018. Adrian will be competing in a new Food Network BBQ show soon to be announced, where he hopes to continue sharing the BBQ techniques that was passed down by his grandfather to keep his tradition alive.

Davila's BBQ

About Davila’s BBQ:

In 1959, Davila’s BBQ was first opened by Raul Davila in an old abandoned school house in Seguin, TX. With no decorations and no cash register, the Davila family nestled in the back two rooms of the restaurant and opened for business. Nearly sixty years and three generations later, Davila’s BBQ has continued to grow and has been nationally recognized as one of the top BBQ places in Texas. Third generation Pitmaster Adrian Davila now leads the restaurant and continues the tradition with passed down family recipes. Adrian celebrates traditions of Latin America and Texas, taking inspiration from the vaquero lifestyle of his own family history, infusing classic brisket, ribs and sausage with Latin flavors and ingredients. In 2018 Adrian released his first cookbook, Cowboy Barbecue, which has been featured on the Today Show, The Washington Post, and Texas Monthly. For more information on Davila’s BBQ, please visit www.davilasbbq.com.

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