F$#K CANCER Luau at Still Golden May 18th

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F$#K CANCER Luau at Still Golden May 18th

Tori Santos says F$#K CANCER in Her Quest for Woman of the Year

Tori Santos was living her best life in Los Angeles when  she got a call from her brother that would change everything. “Mom has cancer.” Tori  caught the next flight out to see her mother, and within three weeks she had packed  up her life and moved to San Antonio. After a hard battle, her mother Deborah Kalmus,  has now beaten Leukemia not once, but twice since 2010. But it has forever impacted  Tori and her family. 

F$#K Cancer

Blood cancers are increasingly common, and severely under researched. But the  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society​ is fighting to change that, and Tori has joined the  fight. She knows what it’s  like to literally live in a  hospital, watch her mother’s  organs fail, pray for a bone  marrow match, and collapse  with relief as her mother  once again comes back  from the brink of death.   When leukemia glared  menacingly in her face,  Tori’s mother took it head  on and said “F*ck Cancer.”   In celebration of this badass  woman, ​Tori has teamed up  with other badass broads in San Antonio to raise awareness, money and hell in their  fight against this deadly disease through their F$#K CANCER event at ​Still Golden  Social House.​ On ​May 18​, Tori and her squad will take over​ Still Golden ​on Broadway  with a fun and festive celebration of life. She has partnered with some of the most  influential female chefs in the city to host an LLS Luau complete with a pig roast, vegan  sliders and craft tiki cocktails. (Food will be $10 a plate.)

F$#K Cancer

Because of her connection to the cause and her community involvement in San  Antonio, Tori was approached by the LLS leadership board to ​campaign for ​Woman of  the Year.​ Her goal is to raise $75k for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and she’s  almost halfway there. With the proceeds from the F$#K CANCER luau, she’s hoping to  hit the $50k mark and get a research grant in her mother’s name. 

The event will be a celebration of strong women with an all-female chef and DJ line-up  ready to put on a party with a purpose. Food and cocktails will be $8, and all of the  proceeds will help LLS to fund research, patient support and treatments.  

Who:   Tori Santos – LLS Woman of the Year 

Chef Lineup – Holley Dominguez, Monica De La O,  Jennifer Cooley, Juliet Burley, Caitlin Regan 

DJ Lineup – ​Cósmicaa​, ​DJ Anita Boogie​, ​Alyson  Alonzo 

What: ​F$#K CANCER Luau  

Food will be $10 a plate.

When: ​May 18, Noon to 6 p.m. 

Where: ​Still Golden Social House​, 1900 Broadway  Street 

Why:​ To raise money for the Leukemia and  Lymphoma Society 

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